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This Sports Party Theme is Awesome

This Sports Party Theme is Awesome

Key Points

  • Decorate the party room with various sporting-related items, such as sports balls and posters. These items will create the stadium.
  • Serve concession stand food to help create the feel of being at a sporting event.
  • Play fun games that require physical activity.

This sports birthday party theme will be a hit for any kid who is a sports fan. From the decorations to the food to the games, we have a bunch of awesome suggestions for you. You can do some or all of these to create an immersive sporting experience for your guests.

The Stadium

Decorate with sports balls. Pile different types of sports balls around the party room. Use a gym bag as a centerpiece. Fill it with more sports balls or equipment.

Use sneakers and cleats for decorations. Hang pairs of sneakers and cleats around the room, or fill baskets with them, with some tumbling out.

Hang sports posters. Hang various sports posters around the party room.

Decorate with trading cards and magazines. Use trading cards and magazine pictures as wall hangings and table covers.

Create a sports field. Make the party table into a sports field with plastic tablecloths and colored tape.

The Concession Stand

Serve concession stand food. Serve food you would be able to buy at any sporting event. Dish up hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, soda, and lemonade.

Serve beverages in sports bottles. Have a sports bottle for each guest. Use masking tape and a marker to put their names on their bottles. These can be used as party favors.

Serve ice cream in toy helmets. Serve ice cream and other snacks in toy baseball and football helmets.

Make a round cake decorated as a sports ball. When you make the birthday cake, bake a round cake and decorate it to resemble the birthday child’s favorite sports ball.

The Sporting Events

Have a list of a few indoor or outdoor games the kids can play. You can tailor the games to a specific sporting event or have some random games that the kids are sure to enjoy. One sports related game you can add to the list is Ball, Squirt, Score! This is an outside game that requires pump-action water guns, two beach balls, and markers for goals.

Set up the goals and fill the squirt guns. Before your guests arrive, set up two goals on opposite ends of the yard and fill the water guns.

Choose two children to play first. Have each child stand in front of their goal with a water gun. Put a beach ball at their feet.

Start the game. The game will start when you yell, “Fire!” Both children will use their water gun to move their beach ball to the opposite goal and to prevent the other child's beach ball from going through their goal.

Determine he winner. The winner of the game is the child who gets their beach ball through the opposite goal first.

Play another round. The winner of the round can play the next child in line, or two different children can play each other.

Outdoor Games for Boys
Ball, Squirt, Score! is a fun party game.


A sports birthday party theme will be a fun and active party for your guests. There is sure to be a lot of excitement and joy. You have many decorating, food, and game options that fit the theme perfectly. Your child will love everything about the party. Be sure to enjoy the party too!

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