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This is the Best Spy Party Theme

This is the Best Spy Party Theme

This message is top secret! Only authorized personnel are permitted to read this message. It's time to plan your child's birthday party, and you've chosen a spy party theme. So, where do you start? Not to worry. We have all the protocols necessary to throw one super-secret spy birthday party.

Spy School Decorations

Footprints leading to the house. Use sidewalk chalk to draw footprints or cut footprints out of cardboard. Have the footprints lead to your front door.

Spy school sign. Make a sign that says, “Spy Training school. Top Secret!” and hang it on your front door.

Construction paper cutouts. Make construction paper cutouts of footprints, magnifying glasses, and maps. Hang them on the walls.

Table toppers and centerpieces. Use any spy toys your child already owns as table toppers and centerpieces. Try binoculars, magnifying glasses, cameras, fedoras, and flashlights.

Spy Birthday Party Food – Mysterious Munchies:

Rename everyday food. Snack mix can become mystery munch, chips and salsa can become secret salsa, and hot dogs can become detective dogs. Your child can help make up the spy food names ahead of time.

Make a spy birthday cake. To make a spy birthday cake, bake a round cake, and decorate it like a bomb, using black frosting and a red licorice whip for the fuse. Or bake a 9” x 13” sheet cake and use gel icing to pipe on footprints, magnifying glasses, and other traditional spy gear.

Fun Guessing Games

There are many birthday party games your guests can play. The best games for a spy party are guessing games or games with clues. These games will challenge their problem-solving skills and have them work as a team.

The magical cake hunt game involves the kids figuring out a series of clues in order to find the cake. You can make up a story about how a bad guy has stollen the cake and the kids must solve the mystery. Before the guests arrive, write down a series of clues on index cards. Each clue will be hidden around the party venue, and each clue will lead the kids to the next clue. The last clue should lead the kids to the cake.

The frog detective game allows one guest to be the detective who has to find the frog among the other guests before he eats all the flies. For this game, get enough index cards so each guest will have one. Write the letter D on one card, the letter F on another card, and the letter X on the remaining cards. Mix the cards up and have each guest pick one. The guests should keep secret what their card says. Have the kids sit in a circle with the detective in the middle. The detective will try to figure out who is the frog. When the detective isn't looking, the frog will stick out his tongue at a guest to “eat” them. When the frog makes eye contact with a guest and sticks out his tongue, the guest should fall over “dead.” The frog wins if the detective can't figure out who he is before there is one remaining fly. The detective wins if she figures out who is the frog before all but one fly is eaten.

Kids sitting in a circle with a girl in the middle.
Kids will have fun playing frog detective at your party.

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You now have the foundations to create a really fun spy birthday party. From the decorations to the food to the games, your guests will have a blast. This party will keep them engaged and entertained. This article will self-destruct in 30 seconds.

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