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You Need to Check Out This Epic Construction Party Theme

You Need to Check Out This Epic Construction Party Theme

Sometimes, finding the right party theme for your child's birthday can be very challenging. Fortunately, we're here to help with this handy guide to throwing a construction-themed party. Take a look!

What Age Range is This Party Theme Best For?

Making sure that a given party theme is suitable for your child's age is important. You want to throw a party that they and all of their guests will enjoy! This construction-themed party is ideal for children ages 4-9. They will get the biggest kick out of all of the decorations and construction zone-themed food.

Children younger than four will likely not fully appreciate the entirety of what this theme has to offer. If you really want to throw a construction-themed party for a three-year-old or younger, consider keeping it simple and focusing on a construction-themed cake. Buy some yellow and black decorations, and gift your child a new construction toy.

Children older that ten will likely have outgrown their intense fascination with construction zones and equipment. By this age, children often want to have a party that's more elaborate. They may want to go out to a restaurant, zoo, or amusement park instead. Or, they may want a party that's themed around a movie or book series.

Always make sure to check with your child to see if they'll enjoy the theme you've chosen! After all, their birthday should be all about them!

Construction Party Theme – The Work Zone

Round up all your toy trucks, and use them as decorations and table toppers. Make some construction signs and hang them around the party room. Signs like Hard Hat Area, Little Men at Work, Caution, and Work Zone. Buy birthday zone or caution tape, and hang it in strips by the front door to create a curtain that guests have to walk through.

Buy or borrow small orange cones to use as decorations. If your public works department will loan them, borrow a “Road Closed” sawhorse and put it at the end of your driveway. Use your child's large toy trucks as a centerpiece. Use a toy dump truck to hold the goody bags or party favors.

Construction Party Theme – Construction Consumables

Use new, clean toy dump trucks to serve food. A new, clean paint tray is perfect for cut up fruits or vegetables. Give your guests small shovels to eat their ice cream. They can be found in the doll sections of most craft stores. Use wheel shaped pasta to make a pasta salad.

To make a dump truck birthday cake, buy or make two pound cakes. Cut a small piece from the top of one cake to look like the dumper. Put the two cakes together on a platter back to back. Ice them with yellow frosting. Fill the dumper part of the truck with crushed chocolate cookies to resemble dirt. Use small chocolate-covered donuts for wheels.

Use construction hats as serving bowls to fill with candy, chips or pretzels. Smaller hats can be used to serve dips.

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