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Your Full Guide to Throwing a Birthday Party For a Cat Lover

Your Full Guide to Throwing a Birthday Party For a Cat Lover

Is your child a cat lover? Then this party theme is perfect for their next birthday! By following this handy guide, you'll give them and their friends many lasting memories. Let's get into it.

Kitten Party Theme – Kitty Corner

Using sidewalk chalk, make cat pawprints on the driveway or walkway, leading up to the front door. Make cat faces on helium balloons using magic markers. Add on construction paper ears, and a piece of ribbon for a tail. Cut out fish-shaped signs that have kitty-related sayings on them, like “Dog free zone”, “Do not disturb, cat napping”, and “Wipe your paws”. Round up all your child's stuffed kitties, and use them as table toppers, or group them together to make a centerpiece. Make fish-shaped place cards for the table. Make balls of yarn with Styrofoam balls covered in different colored yarns. Put them in bowls and baskets and set them around the party room as decorations. Using a washable marker, draw whiskers and a kitty nose on each guest as they arrive.

Kitten Party Theme – Kitty Kibble

Serve food in clean, new cat bowls. Personalize each bowl with the guests' names using a permanent marker, or paint. Serve kitty food. Tuna sandwiches, goldfish crackers, milk, and cheese. Make and serve sugar cookies cut into cat and fish shapes with cookie cutters. Make a cereal snack mix and dub it cat chow.

To make a paw print cake, bake a round cake to be the paw, and use four cupcakes as the toes. Place the cupcakes around the top half of the cake. Instead of a cake, bake cupcakes and decorate them to look like cat paws. Use a junior mint in the middle as a pawprint, and brown M&Ms as the toes.

Kitten Party Theme – Who Let the Cats Out?

If money allows, see if your local animal shelter has a program that allows a birthday kid and their guests to interact with one of the cats that's up for adoption. If possible, request a kitten. Keep in mind that you may not be able to make such a request, or that the shelter can't guarantee they can honor it. The animals they select for parties are ones who do well in busy environments with children; not every cat is going to fall in that category.

If you don't have this option, simply taking your birthday troop to the shelter to look at the available cats can be enough! Some shelters even have rooms where you can go and meet some of the cats available for adoption, rather than just passing by them in cages.

If you've been wanting to get your child a cat, now is a great time to surprise them! Take them and their friends on a tour through the shelter, paying special attention to the cats. At the end, ask your child which of the cats they'd like to adopt, and announce the surprise! This will surely make their day a hundred times more special.

Have a cat already? Have your child pick out a special toy or treat to bring home to your cat at the shelter. Not only will they find this fun, but the proceeds will go towards a good cause.

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