Birthday Party Themes


First Birthday Party Themes

First Birthday Party Themes

First Birthday Party Decorations:

Young children love helium balloons. Have lots of them floating throughout the party room. Attach ribbons so the children can reach them and pull them down to play. Be sure to clean up any broken balloons at once, the pieces are a dangerous choking hazard.

Display the outfit you brought the birthday child home from the hospital in next to an outfit that currently fits to show how much the baby has grown in the past year.

Cover tables with pictures of the baby throughout the year.

>Make a height chart for the guests to sign. Cut a long piece of paper, six feet is a good size, and decorate it, a race track for a little boy, and maybe a flower or some fairies for a little girl. Measure each guest as they arrive, and write their name and height on the chart. Ask adults and older children to write a short birthday message on the chart near their name.

Use toy blocks to spell out “Happy Birthday (your child's name)”. Put it them on a shelf, or use them as the centerpiece.

Make a play corner for your littlest guests. Put out books, toys and stuffed animals on a blanket or quilt.

First Birthday Party Foods

For your youngest guests, serve goldfish crackers, small chunks of cheese, small pieces of fruit, dry cereal and diced veggies.

For the adults, try and stick with foods that can be eaten with one hand, as many of them will be holding their own children. Cocktail sized meatballs, veggies and dip, cocktail sized hot dogs, sandwiches cut into small sections, and cut up fruit are all good choices.

To make a number one shaped cake, bake a 9 x 13 inch sheet cake, and cut into the shape of a one using a serrated knife. Use your favorite icing to frost the cake once it's cut.

You may want to give the birthday child a cupcake as their own personal cake, to smush and make a mess of, while you serve your guests the other cake.

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