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Check Out This Fantastic Fairy Party Theme

Check Out This Fantastic Fairy Party Theme

This fairy party theme will surely be a hit with your child! Make sure you bookmark this page so you can easily reference it while you plan. Let's not waste any time and get right into it!

Fairy Party Theme – The Fairy Bower

Decorate with pastels; soft green, pink, and lavender are all good choices. Put white twinkle lights around the front door and in the trees near the party area, if you're going to be outdoors. Use colored streamers in the trees to add to the floaty, magical atmosphere.

Give each guest a wand and fairy wings to wear. Use streamers or tulle to make a canopy over the party table. Attach them to a bow that's hung from the chandelier or middle of the ceiling. Use a bubble machine to enhance the fairy mood.

Tie bows with ribbon or tulle on the backs of the chairs at the party table. Cut trees, mushrooms and castles out of cardboard. Decorate and put throughout the party space. Sprinkle glitter down the middle of the table, and add some flowers. Cover cardboard stars with foil or lots of glitter, and hang them from the ceiling.

If you plan on having this party in the backyard, make sure you have a rain plan. Even if the weather is forecasted to be clear, sometimes the weatherman gets it wrong! Be prepared to move the party indoors. Consider setting up decorations both in and outdoors, just in case. Keep all of the food and gifts either inside or close to your house, so that you can quickly bring them inside if it begins to rain.

Fairy Party Theme – Fantastical Faerie Feast

Make jelly sandwiches and cut them into star shapes using a cookie cutter. Hollow out a purple cabbage to serve veggies in. Serve a fruit salad in plastic goblets or champagne flutes with bows tied around the stems. Serve pink lemonade in tea cups.

Make star shaped crispy rice cereal treats, and sprinkle them with pastel colored sprinkles. Make fairy wands. Dip pretzel rods into melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle pastel colored sprinkles on the pretzels. Fill a clear vase or tall glass with Pixie Sticks candy.

Use a castle design for a fairy birthday cake. For an elegant fairy cake, bake one 6 inch round cake and one 9 inch round cake. Stack the small cake on top of the larger one, and frost both with pink frosting. Top with a fairy figure.

If you want to make things easier on you, get a bakery to make the cake for you. This will be more costly, but it will save you time and effort. If you're a busy parent, time and effort can be very valuable! Spend time researching the different bakeries in your area, and pick the one that seems like the best choice. Consult your guest of honor to see what flavor of cake they'd prefer.

Before settling on a menu, make sure you double-check with the parents of guests to ensure there aren't any food restrictions you need to be aware of. You may need to adjust your menu in unexpected ways, so be prepared for that possibility.

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