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We’ve Arrived at the Best Airplane Party Theme

We’ve Arrived at the Best Airplane Party Theme

If your child is a budding pilot, this airplane party theme is a great fit for them. Follow this guide closely to get a great idea of how to throw a party that will create lasting memories. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can easily reference it!

Airplane Party Theme – The Airport

Use any toy airplanes you already own as table toppers, or group them together to form a centerpiece. If you have a toy airport, you can use that as well.

Make large paper airplanes, and hang them from the ceiling. To make clouds, tie together eight white balloons and hang them from the ceiling as well. Make a baggage claim sign for the closet or gift table. Make airport signs that say “Passengers Only”, “This Way to Baggage Claim”, “Customs”, and “Crew Only”.

Make a banner that says “Welcome to (your child's name)'s Airport”, and hang it on the front door. Have your child stand at the doorway and greet guests as they arrive. If you have the ability, buy them a flight attendant's costume or pilot costume to wear for the day. Get them a custom-made name badge so they can truly feel like they're soaring high in the skies!

Airplane Party Theme – In-flight Food Service:

Hold silverware together with paper luggage tags. Make airplane-shaped place cards for the table. Fill baskets with mini bags of treats like peanuts, pretzels and trail mix. Make airplane shaped sandwiches by using an airplane shaped cookie cutter to cut them out.

Make edible airplanes. Cut a banana in half lengthwise. Place one half, cut side up, on a plate. Spread with peanut butter. Place a whole graham cracker in place for each wing, and use a quarter rectangle for the horizontal part of the tail. Put the other banana half on top. Cut a slit at the tail end of the top half, and put a rudder piece in place to finish the tail. Stick on raisin windows with little dollops of peanut butter.

To make an airplane runway cake, bake a 9 x 13 cake. Frost all but the very top corner of the cake with white frosting. Tint the remaining frosting sky blue, and use it to frost the top corner. Make a runway across the cake using crushed chocolate cookies, or chocolate sprinkles. Use green sugar on either side to make the grass. Put a toy airplane on the runway. Use whipped cream to make clouds on the sky blue portion of the cake. Place another toy airplane on the clouds.

Instead of a cake, you can make cupcakes, and frost them with icing you've tinted sky blue. Put a new, clean toy airplane on each.

Airplane Party Theme – In-flight Entertainment

No party is complete without activities for all of the guests to enjoy. Consider grabbing some craft supplies from your local arts and crafts shop so each guest can make their own homemade airplane. Provide cardboard, pipe cleaners, markers, glue, and other craft items. Then, let them go wild with imagination!

A fun activity for very young children is to work together to run a mock airport. Give each partygoer their own airplane, and have them all work together to create a functioning airport! Chances are things will quickly go awry, but that's where the fun truly begins. Make sure you have your phone on hand to record all of the antics.

Ask your guest of honor if there are any plane-related activities they'd like to do. Including them in the party planning will help make this a truly special day for them. Of course, make sure you keep their expectations realistic- they aren't going to be able to join a pilot in the cockpit of a commercial airplane!

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