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You Need to Take a Look at This Awesome Train Party Theme

You Need to Take a Look at This Awesome Train Party Theme

Struggling to come up with an idea for your child's party? Worry no more! This train party theme is sure to be a hit. Let's get into what this party theme entails.

Train Party Theme – The Station Platform:

Make a train out of large, empty appliance boxes. Paint them all different, bright colors, cut out doors and windows, and arrange them in the front yard. Make railroad signs from colored construction paper, and hang them around the party room. To go along with the cardboard train, draw tracks on your grass and driveway. You can use spray paint on the grass, and sidewalk chalk on the driveway. If there are rooms that are off limits to your guests, make a railroad crossing sign out of cardboard to act as a barrier. Use any toy trains and accessories your child already owns as table toppers and centerpieces.

Train Party Theme – Station Fare:

Make train shaped sugar cookies using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and a train shaped cookie cutter. Make railroad crossing cookies by cutting sugar cookie dough into long rectangles, crossing them, and baking. Once they're cool, decorate them to look like crossing signs. Make train cars out of fruit. Use melon cut into rectangles as the body of each car. Use a melon baller to make wheels, or use any round fruit, like grapes or blueberries. Use toothpicks to attach the wheels to the body. To make a simple train cake, bake a round cake. Using black gel frosting, make tracks around the outer edge of the cake, and place a toy train on the tracks.

Train Party Theme – All-Aboard the Activities

The highlight of any party for the guests – and sometimes the guest of honor – is the activities. For a train-themed party, one great activity idea is to have each guest do a train car craft. Give your guests lots of different craft supplies, and let them use their imagination to make their own unique creation! You can offer cardboard, pipe cleaners, clay, paint, or anything else you can think of! Remember to keep the crafts activity age-appropriate; very young children may have a hard time working with paint, for example.

Another great activity is a game of dress-up. Buy several train conductor costumes in sizes that are one or two sizes larger than what your guests would wear. The idea is to have these costumes fit over your guests' clothes. When you're ready to start the game, split everyone into pairs or equal-sized groups. Have each pair or group pick a person to get the costume put on them. When the timer starts, the other person or people have to dress the chosen person up in the costume! Whoever finishes first wins. The person getting the costume put on them can't help at all, aside from what's necessary like lifting their feet or arms.

Consult your guest of honor to see if they have any other train-themed activities that they'd like to do. They may surprise you with something very creative! Plus, including them in the party planning will help them feel special. Always remember to account for any limitations that guests may have, and consult with their parents if you're unsure on anything.

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