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Check Out This Girls-Only Party Theme For Your Girly-Girl

Check Out This Girls-Only Party Theme For Your Girly-Girl

Get ready to throw that girly-girl of yours the party of a lifetime! We’ve got a posh pink party ready to go for you from the invites to the food and everything in between. Your little girl will be smiling all day!

What Age Range is Best for This Party Theme?

A “girls-only” party can be suitable for a wide range of ages. Generally, very young children (think younger than five) will not fully appreciate the idea of a girls-only party. Most children don't have a proper understanding of boy vs. girl until they're a bit older. Of course, nothing is stopping you from hosting a girly party for a very young child. Consider choosing a princess theme!

For children five and up, they're sure to love this party theme. As we discuss below, there are a few ways to tweak this party theme to suit older children. Typically, children outgrow themed parties by middle school. Many children have their last themed party at around ten or eleven, but your child may still show interest up to twelve.

When a child graduates from wanting a themed party to just wanting to spend time with friends, it can be a bittersweet moment for parents! Choose to look on the bright side- at least this will save you money! Given all of this, we recommend this party theme for girls ages five to eleven. Ages 7-10 is going to be a sweet spot for this party theme.

The Invitation

Surprise your girl with her very own birthday photo shoot armed with glitter and flowers and everything girly. You can do it yourself or have them professionally done, whatever you can fit into your budget.

Let her help you choose her favorite pictures to put on the invitation and have a few enlarged to display in fancy picture frames at the party. Hobby and thrift stores are great for getting cheaper fancy frames that you can spray paint to match the décor.

The Venue

If you’re looking to have this party elsewhere, check local gardens or bed and breakfasts with a tea room for a place that’s already loaded with natural décor to match your theme and save on the headache of setting up and cleaning up on your own.

For those of you that love a party at your house, start with everything pink and white. Pink and white streamers twisted and pinned behind the food table. Loads of pink and white balloons just floating at the ceiling. Inexpensive chair covers add that extra class that older girls will love. Real flowers in pretty vases at the table will really add that extra flair. And glitter- every little girl loves glitter.

Pretty Finger Foods

Serve everything on white dishes or pretty china if you have older girls that won’t break anything.

Little sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters, pink and white animal crackers, a bowl of strawberries, and jars of pink lemonade will be adorable, affordable foods for your girly attendees.

Pink cupcakes with glittery frosting on pretty cake stands will make a great display of the desserts. Thaw a gallon (or more) of strawberry ice cream, spread into a 13×9 pan and refreeze, then cut out with cookie cutters when ready to serve.

Girly Activities

For younger girls, set up a dress up station with lots of dress up clothes and accessories. Set up a floor length mirror for them to check out their beautiful selves in. Afterwards have a nail polish station set up with a few extra adults on hand to paint tiny fingernails and toenails.

For the older girls have a hair and make-up table set up with glamorous mirrors and pretty costume jewelry laid out. For large crowds, split the girls up at two tables; while some are being beautified, the others can work on girly crafts such as making hair accessories or bracelets.

Girly Favors

Have pink goody bags filled with nail polish, nail accessories, sunglasses, dress up accessories, or whatever fits the age and budget best.

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