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Here’s What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Over 30 Ideas from Casual to Formal

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Here’s What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Over 30 Ideas from Casual to Formal

Are you about to attend a baby shower? Maybe you are asking yourself, “What is the best style to wear to the festivities?” What you decide to wear to a baby shower depends on your preference, the type of baby shower, and who the person throwing it is. If you are wondering what to wear to a baby shower, take a look at these ideas to help you plan your next outfit as you step out in style! 

What is Your Style? 

When planning what to wear to a baby shower, your style is the first thing you must consider. You do not want to wear something you are not entirely comfortable with. Therefore, if you love flowy dresses and feel very uncomfortable in business casual, don't try to force yourself to wear something you can't stand! With that said, many different fashion styles can be switched for one another and still allow you to feel comfortable. Do not be afraid to play with different styles to figure out exactly which one you love! 

What Type of Baby Shower is it?

The next question to ask yourself is, what type of baby shower are you attending? The most common type of baby shower is the in-person traditional shower. This is when a family member or friend throws a shower for the mom-to-be in a location where you meet in person. 

Another popular baby shower idea, especially in recent years, is the virtual baby shower. During a virtual baby shower, you hop on the computer or phone and enjoy celebrating the mom-to-be this way! Some people even combine the two for a fun hybrid baby shower.

Other types of baby showers include:

  • Jack and Jill Baby Shower
  • Gender Reveal
  • Work Baby Shower
  • Sip and See
  • Baby Tea
  • Baby Sprinkle

Another question to ask yourself is what is the baby shower's theme, and who is throwing it? Particularly, if you have a laid-back mother-to-be who will be in jeans and a T-shirt, it will be appropriate to dress according to what she will wear. On the other hand, if the theme is a baby shower tea and you know the person throwing the baby shower will likely dress up, opting for a dressier attire may be a good idea!

Women hugging at baby shower
Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate a new mom and new life! Why not celebrate in style with these ideas?

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What to Wear to A Baby Shower: Over 30 Ideas

Below are a variety of ideas to wear to a baby shower! They range from ideas for casual wear to casual chic, business, and more. There are also ideas for the different types of seasons to help you plan accordingly. Look at the ideas below to get your brain jogging and plan your best outfit! 

Go with a Casual Wear Outfit

If you know that the baby shower will be laid back and casual, opting for something simple will allow you to be comfortable and relaxed. A casual outfit can undoubtedly include anything that will be comfortable and appropriate to wear daily. Casual ideas for women include:

  • Wrap dresses
  • Sundresses
  • Jeans, a comfortable top, and boots or sandals
  • Summer dress and a cardigan
  • A skirt with a colored T-shirt

A casual style can be easy to throw together because it's likely you have something in your closet that will work! Casual styles can also be dressed up with jewelry, shoes, hats, or purses. This style lets you be practical and relaxed while looking trendy and put together. 

Casual fashion lookbook concept. Clothing and accessory items on white paper textured background with a lot of copy space for text. Top view, flat lay, close up.
Opting to wear a casual outfit means you will have comfort and style!


Opt for a Minimalistic Outfit

A minimalistic outfit can be trendy and comfortable while simple enough not to distract from the mom-to-be. If your style is more minimalistic, you may enjoy wearing the following: 

  • Plain sweaters
  • Long sleeve tops in a solid color
  • Silk tanks
  • Patterned shirts 
  • Jeans
  • Blazer 
  • Dress shoes
  • Dress pants
  • Solid color dresses
  • Wide leg pants
  • Leather pants with an oversized blazer
  • Tailored shorts

A minimalistic style includes basic, solid colors and often incorporates varying sizes for a trendy look or uses a layering effect.

Portrait of young beautiful smiling female in trendy summer dress. Carefree woman posing near blue wall in studio. Positive model having fun indoors. Cheerful and happy. Isolated
A minimalistic style is both stylish and simple.

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Casual Chic Style is Cute and Stylish

Casual chic outfits are easy to assemble but can still make you look dressy. This is a fantastic style to wear to a baby shower because it is easy to put together but dressy enough that you do not look too dressed down. To put together a casual chic style, keep it simple. A few ideas include:

  • Wide-leg pants paired with an oversized sweater and boots.
  • Wide-leg pants with a cold shoulder tee.
  • Cami dresses with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.
  • Light jeans paired with a button-up solid shirt and simple gold jewelry.
  • Jeans, a patterned scarf, and a solid-colored blazer overtop a white tee.
  • White pencil skirt with an oversized solid-colored sweater. Pair it with timeless jewelry! 
  • Jeans or jean shorts, solid-colored tee with an oversized sweater. Pair it with simple jewelry. 
Woman clothes and accessories set on white background top view. modern and casual outfit. fashion, shopping and makeup concept. Flat lay, top view.
Casual chic is a fun way to be both comfortable and style simple clothing with trendy pieces.


Business Casual Outfits Are Comfortable and Polished

Business casual can be an all-encompassing term for several pieces of clothing. In particular, the purpose of business casual is to be both comfortable and professional. Many people enjoy mixing and matching diverse outfit pieces to achieve a business casual look. Therefore, if you want to go business casual to the baby shower, a few different ideas are: 

  • A business jacket paired with a flowy top and black dress pants complete the outfit with dress shoes of a solid color.
  • A trench coat overtop a dress. 
  • Dress pants, a solid-colored sweater, heels, and simple gold jewelry. 

More ideas for business casual outfits include: 

  • Trousers
  • Sweaters
  • Cardigans
  • Blazers
  • Neutral color suit skirt
  • Basic solid t-shirts
  • Versatile dress
Photo portrait business woman wearing yellow blazer laughing looking copyspace isolated pastel blue color background
Business casual includes comfortable, professional dresses, trousers, and pantsuits.

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Go With a Retro Outfit

Going retro will bring old styles into your wardrobe. Retro styles are both trendy and nostalgic. These styles include: 

  • Bucket hats
  • Paisley dresses
  • Crocheted clothing
  • Floral print dresses
  • Thong sandals

Right now, 70's and 90's retro styles are returning to fashion and are relatively easy to dress in! 

  • Pair a flower skirt, a solid shirt, and thong sandals together! 
  • Opt for a comfortable paisley dress and solid sneakers.
  • Wear a pair of jeans and a crocheted top. 

These are just a few ideas that can bring retro to the baby shower! 

Nice lady overjoyed by warm spring breeze going romantic date wear cute dress isolated pink background
A retro style incorporates patterns and trends from past decades.

©Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Bohemian Style Outfit Ideas

Bohemian style is a popular form of fashion that incorporates a free-spirit aesthetic. First, it blends bold and colorful patterns into your wardrobe. Secondly, the bohemian style is very feminine and often includes flowy materials and bright patterns. Some fashion pieces that are part of the bohemian style are: 

  • Patterned dresses
  • Flowy skirts 
  • Loose dresses
  • Bold jewelry
  • Hats 
  • Belts

A few bohemian outfits to play around with are: 

  • Long, patterned maxi dresses paired with a solid hat and handbag. 
  • A long patterned skirt that flows, a plain t-shirt, and wedges. 
  • Harem pants, a solid tank top, and sandals. 
Fashion portrait of beautiful hippie young woman wearing boho chic clothes and summer hat outdoors. Soft warm vintage color tone. Artsy bohemian style.
A bohemian style is feminine and bold.

©Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock.com

Go With an Artsy Style To Express Your Personality

An artsy style gives you room to experiment and express your personality. Subsequently, the whole concept behind an artsy style is freedom and creativity. Therefore, an artsy outfit on one person may be different from another person. Artsy outfit pieces can include:

  • Bright accessories
  • Print Leggings
  • Oversized tops
  • Belts
  • Bright tops and pants
  • Abstract imagery
  • Playful patterns

If your style is more artsy, there's no reason why you cannot incorporate your style to fit the theme of a baby shower! 

  • Pair a bold, solid shirt with a jacket that has abstract imagery and a pair of jeans. 
  • Wear printed leggings, a solid T-shirt, and patterned shoes. 
  • Pair a jean jacket over a dress with playful patterns and a belt! 
  • Wear jeans, a black T-shirt, and a brightly patterned kimono. 
Fashion pretty woman wearing a retro elegant hat, sunglasses, brown jacket and black handbag walking in city over grey background
An artsy style allows you to express your individual style with bold prints, patterns, and colors.


If You Love Feminine Outfits, Go Girly

If your fashion is on the girly side, you can take your outfit in a variety of ways when dressing for a baby shower! Girly fashion typically includes: 

  • Pink colors
  • Pastels
  • Frilly fabrics
  • Mini dresses and skirts
  • Cardigans
  • Lace
  • Ballet flats
  • Heels
  • Scarves
  • Flower dresses

A few different ideas to wear a baby shower are: 

  • A flowery dress paired with a solid cardigan and ballet flats
  • A form-fitting mid-length dress and heels.
  • Jeans, a pink, flowy shirt, and heels. 
  • A glittery skirt, solid shirt, with a jacket, scarf, and a belt! 
beautiful woman with wavy hair posing like a doll on pink background, conceptual photography, girly outfit, model in skirt with sequins and transparent jacket looking at camera
If you love girly fashion, a baby shower is a great place to style your outfit with fun and feminine trends.

©LightField Studios/Shutterstock.com

Fall Outfit Ideas

What you wear to a baby shower can vary greatly depending on the season. Suppose the baby shower is in the fall. If this is the case, go with autumn colors like brown, orange, and yellow. Additionally, these can be in dress form or a cardigan paired with a solid t-shirt and jeans. Also, throw on a pair of solid brown boots, or wear printed pants with a solid orange or red sweater! 

Two exited hipster women posing over white wall. Fall season. Wearing stylish orange knitted sweater, black hat , bum bag. Friends spending great time together . Copy space .
Fall is a great time to wear oversized sweaters and colors like orange and yellow.

©Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock.com

Winter Outfit Ideas

Wear an oversized, stylish sweater and jeans if your baby shower is in the winter. Trench coats are another stylish choice, paired over long-sleeved dresses and leggings. 

Colors like red, green, and brown are also great to wear in winter. In addition to these colors, wearing jeans with an oversized sweater, wedge boots, and a scarf is trendy and comfortable. 

Autumn clothing outfit with sweater, jeans and boots, top view of fall/winter season outfit idea with glasses and watch accessory
Rock those sweaters, scarves, and boots for a winter baby shower!


Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring is a great time to rock the flower patterns and light colors. Many women enjoy wearing comfortable wrap dresses that are pastel colors during the spring. Moreover, outfit choices can include sleeveless silk tops with khaki pants or maxi skirts with a flowy blouse. 

Attractive woman with long brunette hair dressed in fashionable beige wrap around midi dress with short sleeves smiling and posing. Laughing female model standing against white wall on background.
Pastel colors look lovely during a spring baby shower.


Summer Outfit Ideas

You want to be just as comfortable in the summer with the warm weather. Therefore, some of the best outfits to go with will keep in mind the temperature! A flowy print skirt paired with a solid tank top is also a great option. More choices include a cold shoulder crop dress, a flower summer dress, or a solid romper. These outfits will make you feel comfortable and stylish when rolling into your next baby shower! 

Lovely woman in wide brimmed hat and blue romper suite is spending time in the outdoor cafe veranda. Summertime.
Rompers, pastel tanks, and wrap dresses will keep you both cool and stylish.

©Natalia Fedchenko/Shutterstock.com

One Last Note

The outfit you choose to wear to your next baby shower depends entirely on your style and the type of shower you attend. Many fashion trends and ideas can work for your specific style! Do you love girly clothes or prefer something more business casual? Would you rather rock the bohemian style, or do you enjoy simplicity? Regardless of your choice, with the ideas on this list, you can express your style while enjoying celebrating the new baby and mother-to-be! 

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