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Tips You Need to Know For Planning A Baby Girl Shower

Tips You Need to Know For Planning A Baby Girl Shower

Hosting a shower for the soon to be mother of a baby girl? Take any baby girl shower themes over the top! Little girls are really something special. Whatever baby girl theme you end up deciding on, make use of these tips and tricks to make that sweet, pink, diva-in-the-making the focus of the event.

Key Points

  • Incorporate color, particularly pink, in whatever way you can.
  • Think of simple, fun ways to jazz up the shower. A good baby shower doesn't need to be an extravagant affair.
  • Make sure to set up a budget before you start planning, and stick firmly to that budget.

Baby Girl Shower Themes – Choosing Yours


Girls are lucky because they can get away with any color in the rainbow. Pink and purple are slowly becoming more popular with boys, but it isn't as easy to get away with those colors as it is using blue or green for a girl.

Of course, pink is the supreme girl’s color, so if you choose to embrace it really go all-out. The fashion trends of late lend themselves to bold, bright, and downright neon colors. This is in your favor. You can find just about anything in neon pink right now. All your plasticware, plates, and napkins will sing ‘baby girl on the way”.

Add splashes of color to throw pillows, center pieces, the buffet tables, and even the walls. You can do this easily by adding flowers, wrapping the throw pillows you already have in baby girl shower appropriate colors, or by filling clear glass containers with tissue paper or metallic pink ribbons. Get creative and color it up.

Fabric Fun

You don’t have to either spend a ton on gifts and décor or settle for a run-of-the-mill plastic table cover from the dollar store. Fabric is your new best friend and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You can find inexpensive fabric to fit any theme, no matter how specific. The touch of actual textiles will transform your party’s appearance from basic to runway-worthy. Get to the fabric store and storm the clearance aisles. You will come away with loads of pink and other color girly fabrics in any texture and shade imaginable.

Use your linen bounty to make inexpensive, but eye-catching, pink table runners and transform a humble recliner into the pink princess throne fit for a mom-to-be. Cut out place mats, or precut a couple large squares of pink fleece and have the group pitch in to make a hand-tied, no-sew baby blanket on the spot!

Tie It In

The really important factor in taking your baby girl shower themes over the top is to tie it into every aspect of the shower itself. If you choose to go with a princess theme, the invitations should scream royalty, the food needs to be fussy and delicate, and the décor needs to be glamorously bejeweled and rich-feeling. 

It is not difficult to do; it just takes planning, careful attention to detail, and shopping beforehand.

The Extra

Never underestimate that little something extra; the whimsical touches that push a nice gathering over the top. For example, getting back to the princess-themed shower, fussy finger sandwiches served on crystalline plates (clear plastic plates with the fancy cuts that mimic jewels) and sparkling cider in fluted glasses is great, but imagine the entire gathering enjoying such delights while wearing a crown that each received upon arrival?

The added ‘x’ factor of that little something extra will be remembered for years to come.

Remember Your Budget

It can be easy to go crazy with decorations when planning a baby shower for a girl. You'll see item after item that would be just perfect for your plans. It's important to stick to a predetermined budget to avoid the pitfall of overspending. Your wallet will thank you!

Before buying anything for the party, sit down and make a list of everything you need. Stick only to the essentials at first- tablecloths, plates, utensils, food, and invitations, among others. Avoid the temptation to put decorations here- while they are technically a necessity, you may need to go simple if the other essentials take up a lot of your budget.

Once the necessities are taken care of, move on to the decorations and other, less essential items. Don't forget to budget for a gift for the mom-to-be, unless you're planning on the shower itself being a gift. After you've completed your list, you'll want to do some research to determine how much each item will cost.

After determining approximate cost, think about how that fits into your budget. Can you easily afford these items? You'll want to leave some wiggle room for unexpected costs and extra items you may have forgotten. If your total cost is pushing too deep into your wallet, go back to the drawing board and see where you can cut costs.

If all else fails, consider adding a co-host or two to the planning. Co-hosts will have their own opinions and input, which can make planning tougher. However, they can also contribute to the total cost of the shower, allowing you to go all-out on decorations and other items.

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