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How to Throw a Great Baby Shower For A Baby Boy

How to Throw a Great Baby Shower For A Baby Boy

When throwing a party for mom to be and her little bundle of joy, every hostess wants to select a baby boy shower theme that is perfection for the bouncing bundle about to arrive; but getting the theme right is not always easy.

To help you select from the many different types of baby shower themes ask yourself the following questions.  They will help narrow the options and zero in on the perfect theme.

Key Points

  • Don't overcomplicate it. Keep the shower as simple as possible, both for your sake as the host and the mom-to-be.
  • Set a budget early on, and be firm about not exceeding it.
  • Think about mom and dad's favorite things when trying to decide on a theme.

Picking a Baby Boy Shower Theme

Size Counts

Is your baby shower going to involve a large crowd of people, or is it going to be a more intimate party with only a handful of guests? A theme that is too picky or detail-oriented is lost in the crowd of a shower that includes everyone mom has ever known. On the flip side, a theme that is too sparse can be a glaring sour note if the gathering is small.

Know Your Mom

This party is about mom and baby, not so much the hostess or her home. Keep this in mind and consider the mother to be and what you know about her when determining the theme. 

Is the mom crazy about Minnie Mouse? A Disney-themed party can’t go wrong. 

Is mom a stuffed toy collector? Focus the theme on baby-soft plush toys.

Is mom expecting a boy, whom she is certain will be a famous ball player? Then an all-boy, all-sports-themed shower will hit the nail on the head.

Know Your Dad

Dad may or may not attend the party, but when it comes to a baby boy shower theme he will have an opinion when it comes to his boy. To be certain the toys, clothing, and other gifts are manly enough for daddy’s sensibilities, keep his personality quirks in the back of your mind. Does he have a favorite sport, sports team, or past-time? All of these can be inspiration for your baby shower theme.

The Non-Theme

When it comes to baby showers, why does the host feel a need to reinvent the wheel? The baby-to-be and mommy on hand are theme enough. Keep it traditional by picking blue for a boy, or just buy some pretty decorations for the table and streamers to hang from the ceiling.

It is not a great idea to pull out all the stops or to take a chosen theme to the absolute limit. This party is supposed to be about mommy and baby. As fun as large, flamboyant theme parties are, be careful not to let the theme overshadow mom! You also don't want your guest of honor feeling overwhelmed with too many activities and festivities. She's gone through a lot over the past several months, so keep that in mind.

Be Simple

Do you have several ideas that mesh well together? Don’t be tempted to incorporate all of them. For example, instead of doing all things Disney, choose to highlight princesses for a girl or Winnie the Pooh for a boy. Instead of getting every stuffed toy known to man, choose a favorite, like a sock monkey, to carry the theme.

You can also keep it simple by picking a color to theme your birthday shower around. Pastels are often popular, due to their softness and flexibility. Pastel yellow, blue, or green are great options for a boy. Pick decorations that are in this color, and ice a cake or cupcakes in your chosen color as well. This is a great way to host a beautiful shower on a tight budget.

Nickels and Dimes

Money is an issue for many parents, both new and old. If you want to support the parents-to-be, keep it simple and throw a traditional shower with a slight twist. Have all of the guests bring some money as a gift instead of an item. The prospective mother may have trouble asking for money, but through this party theme she doesn't have to. Regardless of how long your guest list is, your mom-to-be will surely appreciate the money she receives!

When it comes to money on your end, remember to set a realistic budget. You don't need to wipe out your savings account for this shower. Consider all of the items you'll need and how much you anticipate they will cost. If the final number is too high, see if there are ways to cut costs or enlist the help of a co-host or two. There are many ways to throw a great baby shower on a budget!

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