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Take a Look At All of These Wonderful Baby Shower Themes

Take a Look At All of These Wonderful Baby Shower Themes

Looking for baby shower themes? Look no further. If the extensive list below doesn’t hold the right shower for you, it is certain to spark the ideas that will get you there on your own!

20 Baby Shower Themes


Cowboy baby shower themes work well for boys and girls. Just adjust the colors of the hats and bandanas to the appropriate gender. This theme is great, because décor is easily found under normal circumstances, inexpensive, and it comes with a ready-made menu for food service.


Throw an out of this world shower! Pick an astronaut theme for the brainiac-to-be! Make a dome-shaped cake and decorate it to look like one of the planets or an astronaut's helmet. Decorate with hanging stars and crescent moons, use space-themed tablecloths, and encourage guests to bring a space-themed gift. Educational books can also be a great option.

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Each new baby has so much potential. Make your party buzz around this theme. Give each guest an occupation theme that their gift should highlight. This will give mom loads of cute clothing and imaginative toys. Make sure your guests let you know what occupation they've chosen so you can ensure there isn't any overlap.

Peter Pan

No mom ever wants to think of her baby growing up. Help mom escape to Neverland with her baby by throwing a Peter Pan-themed party. Peter Pan-themed decorations should be relatively easy to come by. Gift the mom-to-be a copy of Peter and Wendy, the novel that inspired the movie, for her to read with her child when they're old enough. A scrapbook is also a great idea, so mom can capture all of those special moments in time.


Classic Disney is great for baby shower themes. You can choose from mouse and duck duos to other classic characters like Chip and Dale. These themes can be ideal for mothers expecting twins.

If Disney is great, but the older characters are not for your mommy-to-be, then update the theme with new characters. Mulan, Buzz and Woody, or Tiana are ideal for mothers who grew up in the 80s or later.


Is mom a real bookworm? Are her clothing needs already met? Then a baby book shower might be just the ticket. The decorations can be children’s books of every size and color, while the gifts will help mom start her own collection of baby books to share with her child. Guests can also bring some books for mom to read while she spends time at home with her new baby. Your guest of honor will appreciate being considered just as much as she'll appreciate gifts for her baby.


Is the baby to come a girl? Then a shower themed as a royal coronation is not out of order. Mom can sit in an honorary throne and be the center of all things princess. Decorate the event hall in pink, purple, and gold. Get a tiara for mom and a small tiara for the baby. Have everyone come in their best outfits!


Birds are the new ‘in’ animal. Penguins, owls, and many other birds are filling movie theaters and toy store shelves. You can capitalize on this by throwing a baby shower for the birds. 

Abandon traditional themes and just have fun, since this baby shower is for the birds! Guests can buy books that feature birds, stuffed birds, or clothing featuring birds as gifts for the shower. With a general theme like this, there's a lot of room for creativity and imagination.


Is your momma planning on using only natural and organic baby products? Get her off to a roaring start by having an organic, natural baby shower theme. Complete the theme with cloth diapers and lots of natural, organic gifts.

Blankies and Bedding

Have a pajama party! The baby will spend lots of time sleeping and spitting up on those sheets, blankies, and everything else. Pamper mom with new PJ’s for herself and her baby. Then, pile on the extra baby blankets and crib sheets so that laundry will not have to be a several times a day event.


Does mom need a stroller? Focus the theme on wheels. Have guests all chip in to buy mom the stroller of her dreams. Or, buy some toys on wheels for the little tyke when they get older. Clothing featuring cars or trucks, books about cars, and a tiny cart for the baby to pull around once they can walk are all other great gift ideas for this theme.

Work Party

Sometimes the best gift of all is time and the best parties are work parties. To this end, have a baby shower work party and help mom paint the nursery, hang the artwork, fold the baby clothes, and assemble the crib, then sit back and enjoy a chat over a sack lunch.

Belly Casting

Capture mom’s baby belly in stone or paper Mache. It is easy to make a belly mold of mom’s baby bump.  It only takes an afternoon, a newspaper, and some willing hands. Make sure to pick an appropriate product; some plasters get very hot and can burn delicate skin.

Baby Sprinkles

Is this the second or third time around for mom? Then a baby sprinkle, instead of a full-blown shower, might be all that is needed. A baby sprinkle is like a mini baby shower.


The creators of Barney are geniuses, not just because the songs get permanently stuck in your head, but because, as it turns out, dinosaurs is one place both girls and boys overlap in childhood. At some point every child is fascinated by dinos, regardless of gender. This makes a super-sized, dinosaur-themed baby shower perfect when the gender is a surprise.

Where the Wild Things Are

This Maurice Sendak book is a classic. A baby shower themed in this way is fun and certain to bring out the child in even the most grown-up guests. 

Food can be colorful, fun, and fit for a wild one. If the baby’s birth date falls in those weeks surrounding Halloween, it is a perfect theme to welcome them.

Twinkle Little Star

A baby is the star of the night, so make it sparkle. Decorate the room in twinkling stars, mirrors, shiny papers, and bright stars. Using twinkle lights is a great way to carry the starlight theme into any room of the house. Invitations can be star-shaped cards on silvery paper with a shine to it.

Girls Night Out

Are baby showers just not your thing, mom’s thing, or really the thing of anyone on the guest list? Abandon the typical baby shower for a girl’s night out. Take in events that mom will likely forego for the next few months when new baby is her constant companion. A good chick flick is a great idea.

Mom and Dad

Is dad just as hands on as a dad could possibly be? You may want to include him in the baby shower.  Including Dads changes the whole landscape of the party right down to the guest list and date.

Dad will not have nearly as much fun if he is the only man in a room full of women. A decidedly girly theme will add considerably to his discomfort. Instead of going over-the-top with mommy-themed shower stuff, theme a dad and mom party more like a nice date night with your best friend couples.

Cash Please

Money is the essence of a new parent’s needs. To this end, do struggling moms and dads a favor by hosting a “cash only” baby shower theme. Money is always the right color, is never too small, and will not need to be returned. Mom may feel awkward asking for monetary gifts herself, but a cash theme will do it for her.

Don’t spot the idea for your shower? Here are a few more ideas for you to consider: Stripes and Dots, Sock Monkeys, Fishermen, Multiples, Noah’s Ark, Under the Sea, Kittens and Puppies, a Mother’s Blessing, and Jungle Animals.

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