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These Planning Basics Will Help You Throw The Best Baby Shower

These Planning Basics Will Help You Throw The Best Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower? Nothing is worse than feeling scattered, penniless, and stressed for time as the party goes from concept to reality. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you ask yourself the right questions first, the rest will fall right in to place.

Key Points

  • Set a budget that's realistic for you. If need be, bring in some co-hosts to help foot the bill.
  • Hold the baby shower at a time that's reasonable for the guests in attendance.
  • Always consider the mom-to-be's preferences when making plans and inviting guests.

Baby Shower Basics for the Hostess

Don't Break the Budget

Unless your last name is Gates or Buffet, you probably have to think about the money you are going to spend getting the shower ready. A realistic budget depends on several factors: the size of the crowd expected to attend, the kind of food being served, and the cost of favors, gifts, and decorations.

The most important factor, however, when setting your budget is how much can you really afford to spend? If you only have a beer budget, then either recruit co-hosts or downscale your champagne ideas (it's okay, we all have to do it sometimes).

Time is of The Essence

Time of day is important, and really dictates the menu, as well as other shower activities. Mid-morning events denote a brunch, afternoon time slots can get away with light refreshments, and 6pm is a full dinner affair.

When considering time think about the guest list. As a courtesy to elderly grandparents or those who may have a considerable drive to attend, setting a shower time in the early evening or mid-day is always appreciated. If the guest list is not dominated by geriatric or out-of-state attendees, then evenings work well to accommodate the work schedules of professionals. Just make sure you don't set it so late that guests have to leave early to get to bed.

Priorities When Setting a Date

When setting the date, these three factors should get equal billing: Mom’s availability, host’s availability, and possible conflicts with major events that would prevent guests' attendance.

Mommy’s Sensibilities

The theme of the baby shower is one of the most fun elements of the party, but don’t get so carried away that mom is lost in the shuffle of color schemes, party favors, and flower arrangements.

If mom hates pink, don’t use it even if the baby is a girl. If mom despises loud, over-the-top affairs, shoot for understated elegance with your theme. Remember, the baby shower is held to honor mommy and the baby, not the host’s ability to throw dazzling parties.

Food for All

Lastly, when setting the menu, consider any guests who might have food limitations. Nothing is worse for host or guest than to have someone unable to partake in the food due to allergies, diabetic concerns, or dietary choices.

Should Men Be Invited to A Baby Shower?

In decades gone past, baby showers were often seen as affairs solely for women. The father-to-be would often attend, as might the grandfathers-to-be, but aside from that baby showers were dominated by women. These days, as traditional gender roles fall by the wayside, things are a little different.

Men are increasingly attending baby showers, especially if they are close to the parents-to-be. Baby showers are no longer seen as exclusively a woman's affair. Consider this shift when making your guest list. Are there any men that are close to the parents-to-be that you should invite? Consider friends of either parent and relatives other than those in either parent's immediate family.

Of course, some moms-to-be may prefer a traditional baby shower with as few men as possible. Consider what the guest of honor's preferences are. If you're unsure, think about the way she typically lives her life. Is she more conservative and traditional, or liberal and trend-setting? This will help you determine whether you should go for a more modern or a more traditional guest list.

Remember that your own opinion on the matter shouldn't be the deciding factor. You're the one throwing this party, but the guest of honor is not you. Even if you think a baby shower should be for women only, if the mom-to-be would want some of the men she knows invited, honor her wishes.

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