The New Co-ed Baby Showers

Dads nowadays do everything from diaper changes and midnight feedings to Lamaze coaching and cord cutting; so why are co-ed baby showers still such a rarity?

Old Sensibilities

In the good ole days of yesteryear pregnancy, labor, birth and baby care were distinctly woman’s work.  Dad was out in the fields planting crops or clubbing dinner.

Times change and Dads are not only as hands on as mom, it’s how they themselves want it to be. Dad wants to hold his new baby, talk to his son while still in the womb, bond with his daughter while pasting pink ribbons to her bald head.

No longer is child rearing a girl’s only club. The last vestiges of this tradition still cling to the Baby Shower.  Maybe it is time this particular party evolved.

Including Dad in the baby shower will mean anticipating his tastes too when making the guest list, planning games and foods. The last thing the host wants would be to make dad feel uncomfortable; to this end any overly frilly, girly party should be given a shot of man-mojo.

This is simple enough to accomplish. Invite other men so dad isn’t the only male on the premises; include games and conversation starters that don’t concentrate on labor, delivery, and breastfeeding . It is also good to let other guests know that this will be a co-ed affair.

Traditional Themes

How many moms out there would truly be sorry to see a shot of new life breathed into the rote world of a traditional baby shower?  For some reason the baby shower has remained a compulsory party which some people don't really enjoy.

To them, it is an afternoon eating less than satisfying, fussy baby foods, a forced march through gift opening and topped off with the same games that are played at all the showers they've been to.

Out With the Old

Hosting a Co-ed Baby shower throws the doors open to an opportunity to turn the whole baby shower on its head and really shake things up.  Having mixed company can mean different games, more substantial food and many more laughs!

It really isn’t that difficult to tweak a traditional shower to suit the needs of a co-ed gathering. The biggest change is the guest list and making the décor a bit manlier.

For example, couples could play name that baby photo, or share embarrassing baby stories about one another. Having seasoned parents provide a touch of reality in a comical way about diaper duty, sleepless nights, and the general state of chaos which is the new normal of parenthood is a great way to both inform the parents to be and include dad in the party.

Games that pit the boys against the girls are wonderfully fun and guess what, there no need to reinvent the wheel. Those typical shower games can become great fodder for a battle of the sexes event with minor tinkering.

So give dad a break, and look more closely at co-ed baby showers.


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