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Great Ideas For Decorating a Nursery

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Great Ideas For Decorating a Nursery

With a baby on the way many moms scour the Internet or devour magazines looking for the best nursery ideas. Planning a nursery is part of the fun of expecting a child. You want to make sure their room is perfect, from top to bottom. These are nursery ideas that can make your child’s room unique and beautiful.

Great Literature

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a bookworm. Decorating your baby’s first room in themes found in classic stories is certain to nurture a budding imagination. Another great thing about picking a room themed from books is that the ideas are endless, and the artwork is done for you. Classic Pooh or Swiss Family Robinson have their own drawings, which make it easy for parents to choose art, wall colors, wallpaper, and bedding designs.

Ostentatiously Boy

Do you know you are having a bouncing boy? How about a puppy or dog theme for your boy? Vinyl letters declaring the poetic theme and boyish pictures of tree houses, baseball caps, or boys in dirty overalls hung on blue walls with denim crib fittings will pull the theme together perfectly.

Over-the-Top Girly

Is your bundle a princess in the making? Welcome her royal highness home to a frilly, pink girl’s dream. Adorn the crib with ruffled white quilts, pink sheets, and lacy bumpers. Crown the crib with a canopy of fabric that flows from ceiling to puddle on the floor.

Continue the princess-y, girly theme into the fittings, for example with bejeweled lamps and night lights. Fit the ceiling with a wallpaper border depicting royal ribbons and horse-drawn carriages.

Under the Sea

Nothing is more calming than the sultry notes of the waves breaking on the beach. The color palette of the beach and under-the-ocean waves spans from pinky corals and muddy browns to bright greens and vibrant blues. The paint job can really steal the show!

The current market of under the sea crib side night lights makes this theme even easier to dive into.

Mommy’s Monkey

Everyone loves their sock monkey! Why not make it officially the best toy ever by introducing your baby to the sock monkey right from birth? A shelf stuffed with sock monkeys in various sizes sets the theme in motion. The walls can be jungle vines or a simple flat color.

It’s for the Birds

The idea for a bird-themed nursery is very classic, simple, and natural. A mobile created from sticks and stuffed birds built on a larger scale is the center piece of the room. Pick crib sheets and bedding with the tiniest possible bird pattern. Then let your imagination go wild when picking pictures and books to display.

Modern Simplicity

Do you like the simple lines and clean shapes of modern style? Then a modern nursery is for you. To help you on your way, take a gander at the latest Swedish furniture catalogue. You can outfit an entire nursery from mom’s chair to baby’s bed, lamps, sheets, and beyond in one trip to a popular Swedish super store.

Calming Neutrals

Is your idea of a baby’s room one that is filled with Zen colors and a soft feel? Then a neutral nursery is for you. Neutral does not mean boring or uninspiring. Baby’s crib can be a classic white wood. Add to this some soft fleecy blankets in light browns highlighted with pink or blue. Wall colors can be eggshell or beige to keep the neutral theme grounded. To add interest, select fabrics for the bedding or rocking chair pillows which have heavy textures and patterns devoid of color.

Colors of the Rainbow

Why not make your baby's nursery pop with color? By designing it with the colors of the rainbow in mind, you'll have a great-looking nursery in no time. If you can find ways to incorporate all of the colors of the rainbow into your child's room, that's great, but don't worry if you can only find ways to use a few.

Grab some solid-colored bedding for your child's crib. Get some rainbow trim for the walls, or paint each wall of the nursery a different color. Buy a stuffed animal in each color of the rainbow. Get curtains that have rainbows with pots of gold at the end. This nursery theme is truly only limited by your imagination!

Plus, this theme gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to color. Other themes, like a boy's theme, are restricted to a very slim set of colors. With this theme, you'll have lots of room to make your baby's room truly come to life. It may require a few extra paint cans, but it's worth it!

If none of these ideas sends your imagination into overdrive, here are few extra suggestions to give you more food for thought: Polka Dots n’ stripes, French Cottage, Cowboys, and Dinosaurs. Anything you select for your baby’s nursery is fine, as long as you feel comfortable and happy when you enter the room.

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