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Basic Nursery Ideas

The best baby's room ideas for functionality.

Basic Nursery Ideas

When setting up your baby’s very first space it can be challenging to come up with nursery ideas that create the exact look and feel you, as a new parent, want to surround your baby.

It is, therefore a great disappointment when after all your efforts, you find your stylish nursery to be lacking in functionality. Keep yourself from feeling this way; put as much thought into the function of your nursery as you do into matching the linens to the curtains and throw pillows. To keep your efforts on track, here are a few of the best basic nursery ideas for functionality.

Sneaky Storage

No matter how small new born clothing and diapers seem to be, they take up much more space than you would ever have guessed possible. Additionally, the fact that the best deal on diapers and wipes are found only on huge boxes from the local warehouse store, and you will run out of storage in a hurry.

Get creative and find storage in every nook and cranny. Simply cramming the unused space under the crib with diaper boxes and bins of clothing one size up from baby’s current size is a good start, but definitely lacks style. Keep the storage in sync with the decor by using baskets lined with coordinating fabrics.You can also opt for simplicity and invest in some plastic bins in bold colors, or soft pastels, whichever reflect the color pallet of your nursery ideas.

Toy Crates

Your newborn might be much more interested in sleep than toys at first, but toy shelves are still a key ingredient to successful nurseries. At first they provide nothing more than visual stimulation for your newborn. As time goes on and baby grows these shelves will invite your baby to the safe exploration and discovery of play.

A Place to Sit (for Mom)

While the nursery is primarily baby’s domain, a comfortable place for mom to sit is very important. Much of the care for baby beyond diaper changing is conducted most comfortably when seated. Nursing baby in the middle of the night would be a more difficult affair if you had to make a pilgrimage from the nursery to find an accommodating place to sit.

When selecting a chair keep a few things in mind:

  1. A chair needs to be comfortable. If you don’t want to sit in it, it won’t matter how cute it is.
  2. The chair should have arms. Baby might only weigh 8 pounds, but when being cradled for cuddling or feeding for hours on end, even 8 pounds gets very heavy. A chair with arms will support your arms as you hold baby, so you don’t have to feel as if you completed weight training at the end of each feeding session.
  3. The chair should be swivel. Being able to move without getting up will be appreciated
  4. Lastly, having a side table or a convenient place to park mom’s water bottle, baby’s bottle or binky, or a book and a lamp will make the difference between relaxing usefulness and inconvenient frustration.

Taking time to think about the functionality of your nursery and you will make it a peaceful, stylish sanctuary you can use for years to come.


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