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Nursery Ideas: Changing Table Basics

Beautiful baby room interior with toys, armchair and modern changing table

Nursery Ideas: Changing Table Basics

The changing table has become a completely essential piece of furniture. To make the most effective use of your changing table follow these tips and nursery ideas.

Why Have One?

A changing table is a great tool which keeps all the necessities of infant hygiene in one place. Diaper changing is time consuming enough without having to traipse all over the house to locate diapers, wipes, creams and fresh clothing in case of diaper failure.

The changing table is designed to take the strain off your back and knees by elevating the changing surface to a comfortable standing level. The mess is also minimized because it is much easier to toss the changing pad in the washer or wipe clean a smooth soil-resistant surface than it is to clean other surfaces such as the carpet or couches.

A Place for Everything

A proper and most helpful, changing table is an all-in-one pit stop for baby’s needs. Organize the drawers to your satisfaction with smaller containers or neatly folded rows of supplies and make sure to include the basics. The bare necessities of diaper changes include: diapers, wipes, ointments and a spare outfit.

Other items that are good candidates for keeping in those changing drawers are extra changing pads, trash can liners, plastic bags to double wrap especially large messes, lotion, baby powder and bath things such as soaps, towels wash clothes and extra clothing.

Location, Location, Location

Where is the best place for your changing table? That is up to you. Stereotypically the changing table is located in the nursery. If the nursery is in an out of the way location making it impractical to haul your tot to the west wing of your home with each messy diaper, then the table will most likely become a dust collector.

A large bathroom or closet in the main living area might be a better location. Good nursery ideas do not have to be confined to the nursery itself if your needs are better met elsewhere.

The Unsung Sidekick

A changing table is a great place for you to change your baby; but where do you put the left over, used up refuse when finished? The convenience factor of a permanent changing station is dramatically undermined when a proper garbage receptacle is not located nearby.

There are many products on the market designed to handle the smells and mess of used diapers. They each have their own pros and cons, but their common down fall is an inability to accommodate other kinds of trash. If mom wants to toss a tissue used to dry little tears or wipe a runny nose, she may not want to go through the hassle of bagging and tagging each hanky every time.

A simple trash can with a lid that can be opened at a touch of the toe is great. Keep the size small so diapers don’t accumulate and create an unbearable smell. Another alternative is to place a second, smaller pail nearby for such trash.

Odor Absorbers

No matter what kind of diaper pail is used there will be a certain amount of displeasing aromas rising from the primary activities conducted atop the changing table. No one’s nursery ideas include a foul smell. To minimize their effect (and duration) equip the changing table with an odor eater of some sort. Spray deodorant products are great, but not your only option. You can also choose odor absorbing trash can liners, odor neutralizing candles or frequent emptying and cleansing of the pail itself.


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