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How To Fold Your Baby’s Clothes Correctly So Everything Fits

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How To Fold Your Baby’s Clothes Correctly So Everything Fits

Having a new baby means that you are making room in your house for a whole other person. And while babies are small, they come with a lot of stuff, specifically clothing. Babies tend to have a lot of onesies and other articles of clothing. This is because they go through multiple changes a day. Having a baby also means that things will get messy, no matter what. On top of this, people love to gift new babies adorable outfits and clothing. Parents are constantly looking for ways to store everything properly and in an efficient manner. No one wants drawers that can barely close. Therefore, it's important to use a solid system to make the most of all of the space in your little one's room.

Baby onesie with booties
Fold clothing very precisely to make sure it fits in drawers better.


Key Points of Using the KonMari Method

  • Make sure that there is “room for joy”
  • Fold clothes in a file folding method
  • Remember that each item of baby clothing will be folded differently

Why Proper Folding Matters

Many parents may think that because their baby's clothing is so tiny, it doesn't really matter how you fold it. However, there is a method to the madness. The reason that organization is so important is that it helps parents in the long run. When you need to quickly grab things, no parent wants to dig and search. When drawers are too messy and unorganized, it can be hard to find things.

In addition, being a new parent is a challenge. New parents are oftentimes overwhelmed and tired. They have a lot on their plate and on their mind. Having things organized and clean helps to keep their mind at ease, not make it even crazier. The smallest things can truly make a difference in your day and in your life overall.

Not to mention, of course, organized storage spaces and drawers help you during those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. You know the ones, where you have to get up and can barely open your eyes to see. No parent is going to want to start looking for a new onesie or a new sleep sack when it is the middle of the night. When you know where things are, those midnight changes are a breeze.

Baby playing in diaper
Folding clothing in an organized fashion makes changing time a breeze.

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Using the KonMari Method

The KonMari Method is a folding method that was created by Marie Kondo, author, and star of her Netflix series about tidying up. Kondo uses a method of “file folding,” which essentially folds items into much smaller pieces so that they can be placed in drawers in a system that resembles a filing cabinet. Not only does the method help to organize drawers, but it also saves space. The KonMari Method allows you to fit way more into smaller spaces easily.

It's important to note that each item of your baby's clothing may take a different approach to folding using the KonMari method. Use this list for reference:


  1. First, take your baby's onesie and lay it flat on a table or other surface.
  2. Fold the onesie in half, vertically. Sleeves should be over each other evenly.
  3. Fold the arms in so they are on top of the onesie itself.
  4. Fold in half horizontally so the top of the onesie is touching the bottom buttons.
  5. Fold in half one more time.


  1. Take pants and lay them stretched out on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the pants in half, leg to leg.
  3. Fold them in half, towards you.
  4. Fold them in half again, so it's folded in fourths.


  1. Lay your swaddle out flat.
  2. Fold the swaddle in half, vertically.
  3. Fold the swaddle in half, horizontally, towards you.
  4. Repeat step 3, two more times.


  1. Lay the sleepers out flat.
  2. Fold them in half, vertically, so the feet and arms are on top of each other.
  3. Fold the legs up, away from you, in half.
  4. Fold the entire sleeper in half again.


  1. Place socks one on top of the other.
  2. Fold the socks horizontally, towards you.

The Filing System

Using the filing system is very straightforward. You're going to place each piece of clothing, folded, in the drawer next to each other. Placing the clothing side-by-side has it appear like files in a filing cabinet. You are able to see which article of clothing is which, and also save space. The smaller you fold your clothes, the more room you will have to put more in the drawers.

Marie Kondo's entire method of folding and organizing is to make sure that there is “room for joy.” As parents, there is nothing that we want more. The less time that you spend sifting through clothing, the more time you can spend with your little one.

The KonMari Method v. Traditional Method

Many parents love the KonMari method. However, there are those who love the traditional method, too. The traditional method is when you stack clothing on top of each other. While it's what many are used to, it can be inconvenient for many parents. Having to take out clothing in order to get to other pieces of clothing is what parents want to avoid. The KonMari method allows parents to get what they need without creating a mess.

Whether you choose the traditional method or the popular KonMari technique, be sure to make sure it works with your lifestyle and storage space. Besides, with a new little one, you have enough on your plate.

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