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How To Wash Your Baby’s Clothes Safely

How To Wash Your Baby’s Clothes Safely

Having a newborn at home is an exciting time for new parents. There are many things that new parents often wonder about and are curious about when it comes to their newborn. One thing that many new parents think about is laundry and clothing. Newborns tend to wear more clothes than one would think, and they can make a huge mess of their onesies and other clothing items like pants and pajamas. Washing your baby's clothing is important, but doing it safely is equally important. There are several steps new parents can take to ensure their baby's clothes are safely washed.

Key Points

  • Wash any clothing item you buy for your baby before putting it on them, even if you bought it firsthand.
  • You don't need to wash your baby's clothes separately from the rest of the household.
  • Don't use fabric softeners. Your baby's skin is more sensitive than an older child's or adult's, so you want to avoid using extra chemicals on their laundry.
use baking soda in the laundry
Using detergent catered to sensitive skin is important for new babies.


Pick a Good Baby Detergent

Newborns can have a variety of skin issues that many parents are unaware of. Many doctors say that it's not 100% necessary to buy specific detergent just for babies unless they have a reaction. If you are concerned or curious, you can wash one or two baby items with the detergent you already use in your home. If your baby does have an adverse reaction, experts suggest changing and buying a fragrance-free detergent and one that is suitable for sensitive skin. This can prevent rashes, redness, and allergies in the future. As baby clothing is very small, you will use far less and it will go a long way.

Always be sure to store any cleaning products on higher shelves, away from babies. Although they may not be able to reach, it prevents any accidents and spills. Tiny hands tend to grab just about anything in the home!

Wash Clothes Before Wear

Having a new baby at home is exciting because many parents look forward to the new, adorable outfits. Before you deck your baby out in the latest fashion trends, you want to be sure to wash the clothing first. Whether you are dealing with new outfits or hand-me-down threads, washing the clothing before wearing is imperative to keeping your baby's skin safe. There are many different irritants that clothing can come into contact with. To be safe, wash first.

In addition, check for all tags and stickers on clothing. Some companies have tags on the sides or even stickers from manufacturers. These can rub and cause irritation, as well. Checking the clothing over and cutting tags or removing stickers can ensure a safe and happy baby.

You do not have to do loads of laundry separately for your baby.


Don't Worry About Separate

Some parents think that it's important to wash your baby's clothes separately from the rest of the home's laundry. However, it's not always necessary. In fact, it creates more work for you as a new parent to do so. You also use more soap and more water if you do laundry in this way. As long as you test your detergent and check to see if your baby has any adverse reactions to your regular detergent, there is no need to make extra work for yourself.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners may seem like they make everything feel comfy and snug, but they can have some pretty bad reactions for young children and babies. Parents want to ensure that they protect their babies from exposure to too many chemicals early on. As their skin is new and developing, ensuring that you keep them as safe as possible is your best bet.

Treat stains quickly to ensure that they come out every time.


Treat Stubborn Stains Fast

It's no secret that babies are a tad messy. From spit up to throw up to food—babies love to get their clothes downright dirty. Many babies tend to need multiple changes per day, just simply based on staining and spills. It's important to clean stubborn stains right away to ensure they come out. Scrubbing the stains out with soap and water can ensure they don't set. Another way to ensure stains come out is to soak the clothing right away, before washing a full load of laundry.

Be Careful When Drying

As with any article of clothing, you want to be careful when you put your baby's clothes in the dryer. Many items of clothing will shrink when put in the dryer. Drying clothing in the dryer can shrink any items that are made of cotton. As many baby clothing items are made out of cotton, this can cause clothing to shrink pretty quickly. Be careful, as well, not to use high heat. Baby clothing is small. Putting the dryer on a high heat setting can cause tears and holes in the clothing, as well.

You may want to consider drying your baby's clothes outside. This will not only leave them smelling fresh, but it will avoid the shrinkage that can occur in the dryer. If you choose to hang your baby's clothes outdoors, make sure that you inspect them for bugs before bringing them inside. Many insects like to hide in the folds of clothing, from bees to spiders. Even if you don't see any insects on their clothing, it's best to give each clothing item a good shake before bringing it indoors, just to be safe.

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