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This is Everything You Need For A New Baby

This is Everything You Need For A New Baby

mom and newborn baby in baby nursery
There are so many things you'll need to have on hand before you bring Baby home. Here is a checklist to help ensure you'll have everything you need.

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Not sure what to buy? Confused by the multitude of baby items? Use this checklist to get ready for your baby without buying unnecessary items.

Health & Bathing Supplies for New Baby

___ nasal aspirator

___ diaper rash ointment

___ baby fever reducer

___ thermometer

___ gentle baby soap

___ no tears shampoo

___ blunt baby nail scissors

___ baby brush and comb set

___ alcohol wipes (for the cord)

___ 2-4 hooded bath towels

___ 4-6 washcloths

___ baby bathtub

newborn baby in baby bath
Until your newborn is a little older and can sit confidently and without assistance, you'll want to use a baby bathtub for bathing. MWT TIP: Always make sure to have ALL of your bathing supplies within reach, and never leave your baby unattended in or near any type of water.

Feeding/Nursing Supplies

___ Nursing pillow

___ breast pump

___ 2 nursing bras

___ breast pads 

___ burp cloths

___ milk storage supplies

___ Lansinoh or other nipple cream

___ 2-4 pacifiers

___ 4-6 bottles (4- and 8-ounce size with age-appropriate nipples)

___ bottle brush

___ 6 bibs

For the Nursery/Bedtime

___ Rocking chair or glider

___ 4 bassinet sheets (if using a bassinet)

___ Crib & crib mattress

___ 2 waterproof mattress pads

___ 2 quilted crib pads

___ 3-4 crib sheets

___ 6-8 receiving blankets

___ crib mobile

___ night light

___ baby monitor

___ 2-3 swaddlers

___ Changing table with pad

___ Changing table pad covers

___ Diaper Genie or other disposal unit for dirty diapers

___ 2 packages of disposable diapers or two dozen cloth diapers

New Baby Clothing

___ 6-8 snap t-shirts or onesies

___ 4-6 lightweight sleepers

___ 6-8 baby gowns with pull-ties

___ 4 pairs of booties or socks

___ 2+ newborn caps

Baby onesie with booties
Onesies, with their snap closures, make diaper changes a snap. In warmer month's many babies just wear a onesie. In colder month's onesies are a great thing to layer underneath an outfit to ensure your little ones stays warm.


Additional Needs

___ car seat

___ car seat cover

___ car seat-compatible stroller

___ baby sling

___ car window shades

___ car mirror for rear-facing carseat

___ car seat toy for happy distractions

How to Stay On Budget

Overspending for your new baby can sometimes be a challenge. There are so many items to choose from out there! If you aren't careful, you'll soon be several hundred dollars over your budget and worrying about being able to afford things after your baby's arrival. Sticking to a definitive checklist, like the one we've provided, will help you keep to a budget by preventing you from buying unnecessary items.

Set a firm limit on how much you can spend on baby items and keep yourself at or under it. Resist the temptation to just buy one more thing, even if it only goes a few dollars over your limit. If you allow yourself to go just a little over your limit, you'll want to keep going! You know the maximum amount of money that you can afford to spend on baby items; make sure you stick to that limit.

Having someone to accompany you during baby item shopping can also help. It's especially nice if this is a friend, since a friend isn't going to be as connected to the idea of buying items for your baby as you are. They can help you avoid unnecessary purchases and stick to the financial limit you've set for yourself. If you're doing your shopping online, set a time limit for yourself so you don't fall into the temptation of browsing for more items for hours!

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