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50+ Uses for Left-Over Baby Supplies

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50+ Uses for Left-Over Baby Supplies


Every Day Uses for Left-Over Baby Supplies

We all bought all those baby essentials like baby powder, baby oil, and nipple cream, and if you’re like me you still have them minus one or two uses. Here are some ways to use those things up so they’re not laying around anymore.

Baby Powder
•    Get beach sand off your skin
•    Cool the sheets in the hot summer nights
•    Dry shampoo dogs and cats
•    Absorb grease stains on clothing
•    Clean playing cards
•    Slip on reusable rubber gloves
•    Remove mold from old books
•    Dust off flower bulbs

Baby Oil
•    Remove a bandage less painfully
•    Treat cradle cap
•    Make bath oil
•    Make a hot oil treatment for cuticles and calluses
•    Buff up golf clubs
•    Remove a stuck-on ring
•    Clean the bathtub or shower
•    Shine stainless steel sinks and appliances
•    Polish leather shoes and bags
•    Remove latex paint from skin

Vaseline (aka Petroleum Jelly) and Nipple Creams
•    Heal windburn
•    Help diaper rash
•    Protect baby’s eyes from shampoo
•    Moisturize lips
•    Remove makeup
•    Moisturize face and hands
•    Lubricate squeaky door tracts or hinges
•    Remove chewing gum from wood
•    Create makeup
•    Strengthen perfume
•    Soften hands
•    Smooth eyebrows
•    Keep ants away from pet food bowls
•    Soothe sore pet paws
•    Keep at-home hair dye from running onto your face and ears
•    Mask doorknobs while painting
•    Stop battery terminal corrosion
•    Remove watermarks on wood

Baby Wipes
•    Quick cleanups
•    Shining shoes
•    Recycle as dust clothes – great for those ones that dried out in the car
•    Remove stains from upholstery or clothing
•    Clean your keyboard
•    Remove makeup

Empty Wipe Containers
•    Make a travel first aid kit
•    Organize sewing supplies, recipe cards, coupons, craft supplies, small tools, photos, receipts, bills, and more
•    Use as yarn or twine dispenser
•    Store plastic shopping bags
•    Store reusable towels and rags

Empty Diaper Boxes
•    Make a castle, puppet theater, or a car
•    Make a garage for toy vehicles
•    Store tennis rackets, baseball bats, fishing poles, etc.
•    Make magazine holders
•    Make a home-office in-box
•    Store long handled garden tools
•    Protect glassware or light bulbs
•    Store posters and artwork
•    Store Christmas ornaments




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