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10 Cheap Effective & Versatile Cleaners

10 Cheap Effective & Versatile Cleaners

10 Cheap Effective & Versatile Cleaners

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10 Budget-Friendly Household Cleaners

Everyday Household Cleaning Products to keep in your arsenal.

1. Ammonia

 Cleans carpets, upholstery, ovens, fireplace doors, windows, porcelain fixtures, crystal, jewelry, and white shoes
Removes tarnish and stains
Fights mildew
Strips floor wax

2. Baking Soda

Clean baby bottles, thermoses, cutting boards, appliances, sponges and towels, coffeemaker, teapots, cooking ware, and fixtures
Clear clogged drains
Deodorize garbage cans
Boost dishwashing liquid or make your own
Remove stains
Shine jewelry, stainless steel, chrome, and marble
Wash wallpaper and remove crayon
Remove musty odors

3. Borax

Clear a clogged drain
Remove stains
Clean windows and mirrors
Remove mildew from fabrics
Sanitize your garbage disposal
Eliminate urine odor

4. Fabric softener sheets

Lift burned-on food
Freshen drawers
Remove soap scum
Repel dust from TV screen
Freshen hampers and waste baskets
Buff chrome
Keep dust off blinds
Renew stuffed toys

5. Lemons

Get rid of tough stains on marble
Polish metals
Clean the microwave
Deodorize cutting boards, fridge, and garbage disposal

6. Rubbing alcohol

Clean fixtures, Venetian blinds, windows, and phones
Remove hair spray from mirrors
Prevent ring around the collar
Remove ink stains

7. Salt

 Clean vases, discolored glass, flowerpots, artificial flowers, percolators, refrigerators, woks, and wicker
Give brooms long life
Ease fireplace or flour cleanup
Make metal polish
Remove wine and grease from carpet, water marks from wood, and lipstick from glasses
Restore a sponge
Fresh the garbage disposal
Remove baked-on food
Soak up oven spills
Remove stains from pans and clean cast iron

8. Toothpaste

Clean piano keys and sinks
Polish metal and jewelry
Deodorize baby bottles
Remove ink or lipstick from fabric, crayons from walls, and water marks from furniture

9. Vinegar

Clean blinds, bricks, tile, paneling, carpets, piano keys, computers, appliances, and cutting boards
Clean china, crystal, glassware, coffeemakers, and cookware
Banish kitchen grease
Deodorize drains and closets
Polish metal
Erase ballpoint pen marks
Remove water rings and wax from furniture
Revitalize leather
Clean fixtures
Purge bugs

10. WD-40

Remove carpet stains and floor scuffs
Remove tea and tomato stains
Clean toilet bowls
Condition leather furniture
Clean a chalkboard
Remove marker and crayon from walls

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