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Household Stain Removers

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Household Stain Removers


Stain Removal with Pantry Items

Instead of using expensive, chemical-filled cleaners to remove clothing stains, try out some of these common household items first.

This is a good reference for on-the-go stain removal or for those tough stains you’re trying to get out. 

Stains are an unfortunate part of our lives. While some of them require serious pretreating, others can be significantly reduced, if not completely removed, if you use the right things and act quickly.

Club Soda

Perhaps the most well-known of the stain removers, club soda has been rumored to have the ability to take on any stain you could possibly manage to get. Whether it’s because of its fizziness, its carbonation or acidity, club soda or seltzer water reigns supreme when it comes to removing stains in a pinch and when simple water won’t do it.


No club soda? Try getting your hands on a lemon. Many people have sworn up and down that using lemon juice and salt on a stain will lift nearly anything after a quick rinse and dry — which is less terrifying than attempting to scrub something like silk.

Hand Sanitizer

Strangely enough, those little bottles do more than just keep your hands clean. The high alcohol content (which is what kills germs) also lifts up and breaks down stains. These gels also work on ink — one of the most dreaded stains of all. Just blot some onto the stain. The alcohol will cut through the grease, which stops it from leaving the fabric translucent, and should lift out anything problematic. Be sure to rinse the spot, however, and to use a non-moisturizing sanitizer or you could just be adding to the problem. No hand sanitizer? The alcohol in hair spray helps remove stains just the same.

Artificial Sweetener

Aside from sweetening up coffee and other beverages, powdered artificial sweeteners can actually absorb stains. If you happen to find yourself staring at an oil-based stain (liquid foundation, mascara, etc.), cover the area with some of the powder, let it sit and then brush it off. With a little persistence you should be able to get most, if not all, of the stain off. Same goes for baby powder if you have it on hand.


This gem helps get one of the harder stains, lipstick, off with amazing proficiency. White bread can even go as far as loosening and removing lipstick off wool. Just tear off the crust, bunch up the rest and blot the stain until it’s gone. Sure, you may have crumbs on your outfit, but it’s definitely worth the trade-off.

Although stains always seem to end up in the most unexpected places during the most inopportune times, being prepared with knowledge is always helpful.



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