24 Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

Whether you are CURRENTLY PREGNANT, or will ONE DAY be pregnant, or KNOW SOMEONE who is pregnant, this is a must pin! All the best tips including where to find the best maternity clothes, freebies and deals.

24 Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

Pregnant women, listen up! Whether you're in your first trimester or third, or experiencing your first pregnancy or your fifth, you will definitely want to know about the most useful websites available for pregnant women like yourself. Whether you're on the hunt for discounted maternity wear or need to stock up on the latest baby gear, these are the websites every pregnant woman should know about. And if you're not pregnant, but know someone who is, this is a great resource to share with them!

Websites Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About


This may be the best pregnancy hack you'll ever hear of. Pregnancy is the one time you are going to want to make sure you have a good mattress, because as you get bigger and heavier, you are going to start hurting in all kinds of places — especially if your mattress doesn't support you correctly. So early in your pregnancy may be the right time to get yourself a new mattress with great support, and Nectar is a great place to start. They are also the only ones we know of with the 365 Night Sleep Trial. Meaning you can sleep on it your entire pregnancy and still return it if it's not what you want. Most companies just have the 100-day trial (which is still SO MUCH better than the 5-minute trial you get in a mattress warehouse store). Learn more about Nectar here


Jane.com is an awesome daily deal site to keep an eye on. They seem to feature at least a couple of new things in the baby category every day. You'll find good deals on nursing covers, newborn gowns, take-home baby outfits, and other unique stuff that you don't always see everywhere else. Check out their baby section to see what they have currently, or if you do a quick search for “maternity,” sometimes they have some cute stuff for expecting moms too.


This is on the list because it's chock-full of maternity clothes. We like that they feature different stuff everyday because it gives you a good chance to find cute and fashionable stuff that isn't your typical “maternity clothes.” Not only does Zulily feature new stuff everyday, but the maternity clothes are always on sale too. Plus, you will love Zulily for getting good deals on any and all things baby and kid-related. They have a category just for Baby and Maternity, and it's FULL of stuff so go there first.


Believe it or not, you can find some good maternity options on Amazon. And if you have Prime, it's there in two days, which is super-convenient. If you don't have Prime, now is the time to get the free PRIME or AMAZON MOM trial because you can get your maternity stuff AND baby gear, and you will love the free shipping benefits. If you want to look for maternity clothes, you can look through their maternity section, or go with our preferred method: shop your favorite brand pages, such as Pink Blush Maternity, Motherhood Maternity, and Zeta Ville.


Rakuten is on the list because you get free money for basically doing what you would already be doing. What Rakuten does is send you quarterly checks for your online purchases. It's like getting the perks of having a credit card (only better) without having to have one. All you do is download their little bookmark tool, and whenever you are shopping on a website that is eligible for cash back, a little thing will pop up that says “Activate cash back.” That's all you have to do. It's soooo easy and simple. And they have lots of awesome coupon codes on their website too. Because a baby can be a large expense, we highly recommend getting the majority of your stuff online so that you can get a hefty check in the mail for your cash back. Some stores offer up to 10% cash back, which can add up FAST!

Meal & Food Delivery Services

You are going to have some down time when baby comes, and you're not going to want to have to worry about grocery shopping or cooking for awhile. Using a meal delivery service is incredibly handy for busy families or even just during the early days with a newborn when you're too tired to cook. For restaurant delivery, check out options like Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates and DoorDash will deliver orders from your favorite restaurants — both chains and locally owned. And for groceries, order up via Instacart or Shipt, which both delivr from several grocers. Additionally, check out your nearby major grocer (Kroger, Publix, Safeway, etc.) to find out their delivery or pick-up options, which also makes life easy — when you pick up, you don't have to schlep the kids in and out of the store!

Prenatal Course (Don't Skip this Tip):

Sign up for this now before you lose the link as this resource is a real GEM! If you are a first-time mom, it's recommended that you take a Prenatal Class to help prepare you for the birth (and after-birth) experience.

While I think it's a great idea, don't feel like you need to spend $90+ on the one at your local hospital. Instead, get more bang for your buck through this online course (and attend in your PJ's). This one is way more thorough (and way cheaper). It's a STEAL. Plus there's a free option if you want to try it out first.

Way cheaper than the classes at the hospital and more in depth too!

Let's Talk About Registries …

Amazon Baby Registry

You'll for sure want to create an Amazon Baby Registry for SEVERAL reasons. First, Amazon already has some of the lowest prices on baby items, but you will also get an additional 10% off everything on your registry before baby arrives.

If you are an Amazon Mom member, you get 15% off. If don't already have an Amazon Mom account, you can get a free trial here. Totally worth it just for the diapers and wipes discounts and the 2-day shipping. Amazon also has something called a “universal registry” where you can add things from other stores and websites to your registry.

See the Amazon Baby Registry article and make sure you are taking advantage of five unique perks, as well as Baby Registry Must Haves to put on your registry. 

Buy Buy Baby Registry

Buy Buy Baby is another great site for creating a registry. Here are a few of the perks:

  • Complimentary announcement cards to mail out to friends and family.
  • Referral program: Refer other friends to register at buybuy BABY, the retailer will send you a Referral Award valid for $25 off any purchase of $100 or more. Great for picking up the more expensive baby gear!
  • Enjoy 10% off any items remaining on your registry after your baby’s expected arrival date.
  • Registry checklist and expert buying guides will help you make informed decisions before making major purchases.
  • Free buybuybaby.com goody bag upon registering (pick up in stores, limited areas).

Pregnancy Freebies 

If you haven't heard of the below sites, you're in for a treat — or rather, a bunch of free treats. Bear in mind you'll have to pay cost of shipping, but you'll still get a better deal than you'd find anywhere else. Our very favorite deals are the carseat canopies, the belly bands, the baby shoes, and the pregnancy pillow! 

Free Pregnancy Pillow

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, you may already know about the “pillow” situation that comes up very quickly. To ease the added weight, there needs to be a pillow in between your knees, under your belly, behind your back, etc. After using 5+ pillows with my last pregnancy, I finally got wise and purchased a pregnancy pillow. Such a good decision. Use the code FREEPILLOW4PREGNANCY to get $50 off anything on their site. The pregnancy pillows are between $80-$90, so you'll still have a bit to pay, but you can purchase a nursing pillow for $49.95, and your balance will be 98 cents plus shipping. Not bad!

Free Pregnancy Pillow and Other Freebies For While you are Pregnant

Free Nursing Pillow

Similar to the pregnancy pillow site, you can get the free nursing pillow (98 cents for shipping) when you use code MNSAVE40 at checkout. MN TIP: Pay $5 extra for minky fabric!

How to score a free nursing pillow and 20 other websites you need to know about when you are pregnant

Free Nursing Cover

And just like the two above, you can use code MN35OFF to score a free “Udder Cover” from the Free Nursing Cover website.

How to get freebies when you are pregnant

Free Carseat Canopy

These are awesome from discouraging strangers from breathing on your baby and keeping germs at bay, as well as keeping wind out of baby's face. Use code MNSAVE50 to score a free one! With shipping it ends up being about $15, which is far cheaper than anything I have seen for car seat covers. You may want to consider applying the $50 to the whole 5-piece caboodle. I got the set with the minky fabric and the quality Is REALLY good. Plus it comes with the head support, so you won't have to buy that, and it also comes with a little matching minky blanket. 

How to Score Freebies When You are Pregnant

Free Baby Carrier Sling

97% Cotton and 3% lycra, these slings are for infants up to toddlers (under 35 lbs) Use code MNSLING4FREE to get $40 off a sling or wrap.

Free Baby Carrier Sling

10 Pairs of Free Breastpads

If you are planning to nurse, or even post-nursing when you're still drying up, you will want these for sure. Use code MN10FREEPADS to score 10 free breastpads from breastpads.com.

Free Belly Button Bands

Great for pregnancy when you want to wear your own pants and unbutton them, The Belly Button Band comes in a variety of colors. Use code MN2BELLYBUTTONS to score two free ones at checkout!

Maternity Freebies

Free Baby Shoes

Score a free paid Little Wanderers for your little one. These are ultra adorable and fantastic for babies in their first year. Use code 2FREEBABYSHOES for $60 off.

Free Baby Shoes and Other Freebies for Pregnant Moms

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