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Inexpensive Laundry Room Organization

Organizing Your Laundry Room

Inexpensive Laundry Room Organization


Inexpensive Laundry Room Organization

I'm a sucker for organization ideas. If you took a look at my Pinterest you'd get it but here's the thing… I don't have thousands of dollars to organize a space (I don't have thousands of dollars period but anyways..).

I'm always looking for ideas to simplify and organize our lives. Here are a few of my favorite ideas, most of them already implemented, on organizing the laundry room.

1. Not only do I love taking good care of my clothes so they last a long time, I also love saving money by not using my dryer all the time. I already have this clothes line outside and when it got too cold to hang outside, I asked my husband to move it inside for me to use. Our laundry room is in the basement where no one sees it but me, so looks are not important. I already own this, but there are tons of space-saving and prettier options out there.


2. Speaking of the clothes line, lots of my clothes need to air dry and sometimes I forget. Or sometimes I ask my husband to throw the laundry from the washer to the dryer and I know he isn't going to remember stuff that should be air dried. Love this idea and am stealing it ASAP.

3. What do you do with all the lint from your dryer? Did you know that it is biodegradable and perfectly safe to add to your compost? Right now I just throw mine into an empty Oxi-Clean box that's on the floor but this is just too cheap and wonderful an idea not to use.

4. I picked up one of these Ironing Board/Hamper Combos at Aldi's a few months ago and I love it. Mine only has two hanging bags so I separate darks and lights in our bedroom with it and love the multi-use ironing board top, mainly because we hardly ever iron so having a full-size board just took up too much space and was a pain to take in and out (and find room to set it up). I also have just a hanging bag organizer in the laundry room where I further separate into darks, lights, reds/purples/pinks, and baby clothes.

5. I never fold the laundry in the basement, always on the couch while I catch up on my recorded TV shows BUT if I did fold the laundry down there I would love one of these babies. Right now I just toss the lost sole into the kids' rooms and if it doesn't show up by the next time I put laundry away I toss them. Life is too short to hold onto one little lost sock!

6. Last on my list (but there are certainly more ideas out there to get you organized). If you make your own laundry soap, or if you use Oxi-Clean by the case like me, storing it in a big glass canister like this will keep it fresher longer.

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