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Looking for some creative birthday ideas for your husband? Ones that are both meaningful and fun?

How about if you're looking to celebrate your husband's birthday with no money, or on some husband birthday ideas on a budget?

You’ve come to the right place! 

My husband's birthday ideas are one of the things I really enjoy coming up with and I hope you will love them.

Ideas for Your Husband's Birthdays, anniversaries, & Christmas!

My husband’s birthday is coming up, so it’s come time to think up some fun creative ways to celebrate his birthday. Almost all of these allow you to celebrate your husband's birthday on a budget, or some with no money whatsoever.

So let's get started!

24+ Creative Birthday Ideas for Husband

1. Half Birthdays

This is my favorite way to surprise my husband because he is never expecting it, and is never aware of when his half birthday even is! I don’t do it EVERY year (to keep the suspense), but it’s super fun. Click on the picture below for lots of Half Birthday Ideas.

Half Birthday Cookies Printable

2. 12 Days of Birthday

When my husband and I were dating, I did the “12 Days of Birthday Fun.”  I started 12 days leading up to his birthday and each note began with: “On the 12th day before your birthday, your true love gave to you…”  Some days it was a small treat, some days it was a note or letter, and some days it was an activity.  Be creative and have fun with this one.  🙂

birthday gift for husband ideas

3. Turn Your Bed Into a Game Board.

Of all the birthday ideas for husband that are out there, this is a fave. This is actually SUPER fun and memorable, and might just end up being his most favorite gift ever. Learn how to make the sheet and get ideas here: How to turn your master bed into a game board.

Best date night ever with the husband! Turn your bed into a game board!

4. Letters of Love

On that same birthday, I also had all of his friends and loved ones write a letter to him expressing love or favorite memories they have had with him.  Some were funny, some were serious, and some were in poetry or “list” form.  He totally cried. You can get the printable for it here: Happy Birthday to My Husband Letter Book. If you don’t feel like printing them out, you can also upload a picture of the form to Facebook and have all his friends and family answer the questions in the comments. Block him from seeing it in the privacy settings until the day of his birthday.

happy birthday to husband Homemade compilation of letters from those who love him

5. “Why You’re Awesome” Birthday Gift For Husband 

I got this cute fill-in-the-blank birthday book for my husband and it was really fun to fill in all the blanks. You can make it humorous, or you can make it more sentimental. My husband got a kick out of this one! They also have a “Why I Love You” version.

why you're so awesome husband birthday gift

*TIP: If you ever make a purchase for your husband birthday ideas, make sure you activate your cash back through Rakuten! It’s free money on things you already buy and can add up really fast (I installed the bookmark tool so that a little reminder pops up anytime I am eligible for cashback on any website I am on). We love to use the extra cash for date nights, and other fun things. The holidays are especially great because most stores offer double cash back.

6. Sticky Note Birthday Surprise

This is a great birthday gift for husbands of all kind! Sticky Note Attack them! I bought some sticky quotes with love notes already on them because I’m lazy like that…plus they had some cheesy ones that I knew his students would appreciate (he is a teacher so I covered his classroom and car). I even left a pad of blank sticky notes on his car for his students to write on.

Sticky Note Birthday Gift For Husband

7. Upgrade His Ring

This year for my husband’s birthday I’m planning on getting him a new wedding band. Something the Jewelry stores never want you to know is how much they rip you off on Men’s Rings. When we were engaged, we shopped around for a few rings. On a whim, I also looked on Amazon. I was SHOCKED to see that the EXACT ring he wanted in one of the Jewelry stores (for several hundred dollars), was less than $30 on Amazon!

8. Musical Tribute

If you have any musical skills (or lack of in my case), you could always do a musical tribute.  My sister-in-law has dones these for each member of her family and they are so fun!  She helped me do one for my husband one year and my husband watch it over and over and over.   Here are some birthday tributes she did for her dadbrother and husband.  These are meant to be crazy and silly, and are of course funnier if you know the people doing them.

9. Favorite Event/Sports Team

Christmas presents and husband birthday ideas don’t always have to be elaborate! For Christmas last year I surprised my husband with season tickets to his favorite sports team.  It took some MAJOR sacrifice on our budget, but he has LOVED it.  Invest in something that your husband (or wife) loves!  My sister-in-law loves Rascal Flatts.  For her birthday one year, my brother bought tickets for her and her friends.  He told her he was taking her out to dinner for her birthday, and her friends were waiting at the restaurant with the tickets to the concert.  She was so surprised and she LOVED it.

Real Salt Lake Game
My husband enjoying the RSL game with our girls

10. Surprise Dinner

Similar to the idea above, take your loved one to dinner and have everyone they know and love waiting at the restaurant.  You can keep it simple and just enjoy dinner together, or you can have each person bring a gift or small memento that represents a memory they have had with that person.

ways to celebrate
photo credit: Crystl via photopin cc

11. Celebrate in Numbers

This could get tricky if your spouse was born on the 30th, but if they were born earlier in the month you have it made!  For example, if they were born on the 5th, you could celebrate all day long with the number 5.  Five activities, 5-course meals, 5 reasons you love him/her, 5 ways of celebrating, 5 gifts, etc.

12. Gifts on the Hour

I’ve seen this one floating around Pinterest.  Last year I wrapped twelve gifts for my husband to open every hour from the time he was born.  So if your spouse was born at 8:21 A.M., they would open a gift every hour from 8:21 A.M. to 8:21 P.M.  This doesn’t have to be expensive.  I wrapped things like his favorite candybar, or a ticket to something fun, or a coupon for a clean house (which isn’t a big deal for most men, but it is for my husband).

Gifts on the hour birthday gift for husband. Lots of other great ideas too!

13. Gifts that Last ALL YEAR

This is a fun one for Christmas.  Rather than buy ITEMS for each other, only give gifts of things you can enjoy together: movie tickets, a trip somewhere, a sporting event, a fun date night at home kit, tickets to a play,amusement park pass, etc.  This way you are spending your money on your relationship rather than on things, and you will enjoy the gift ALL YEAR long as you complete each activity/event together.

14. Birthday Week

Does your spouse’s birthday land on an awkward day?  Will he/she be at work?  Make the celebration last all week by doing something small to celebrate each day (breakfast one day, gift another, movie on another, etc.)  Make it Birthday Week.  My husband’s birthday lands on a Sunday this year, and since we don’t spend money or go out shopping on Sundays, we will be celebrating “Birthday Weekend.”  His favorite soccer team just happens to be playing that weekend 🙂

15. Service Birthday

I saw this one on Pinterest.  This girl celebrated her 38th birthday with 38 random acts of service.  This would be fun to do with the Pay it Forward printable!

16. Day Away

One of my dad’s fondest memories is when my mom surprised him and took him to Disneyland.  She got it all worked out with his boss ahead of time and just showed up at his work to get him.  When he got in the car, she just started driving.  He was like, “where are we going?” and she said, “Disneyland!”  Their bags were all packed and ready in the trunk. One of my favorite ways to save up money without him knowing about it, is through Ebates. You get cash back for almost any purchase you make online, and it adds up fast–especially if you are doing any major projects in your home or doing Christmas shopping. Just make sure to also install the toolbar that reminds you to get your cash back when you are making any purchase online. My husband keeps track of our budget, so this is one of the only ways I have been able to save up and surprise him without him having a clue.

ways to celebrate
photo credit: PhillipC via photopin cc

17. Scavenger Hunt

This one has never appealed to me, but some of my family/friends has really enjoyed it.  Take your loved one on a scavenger hunt to places that have meaning to you (where you met, kissed, dated, etc).  Do something special or give a gift at each location.

18. Husband Birthday Celebration Kit

This birthday gift for husband celebration kit is adorable. Get the printable here: Birthday Celebration kit

Birthday Gift For Husband Ideas. SO MANY great ideas

19. A Day THEIR Way

I can list a hundred different husband birthday ideas, but to have the most success you must pick the ideas that best fit your spouse’s interests and personality. Last year I had a surprise dinner surprised for my husband, and then I found out that what he REALLY wanted to do was go rock climbing and drive up the canyon–just us.  I ended up having to rip him from what he really wanted to do because all our friends and family were waiting at the restaurant.  This year I told him he gets to plan his day just how he wants it. Similarly, I have told my husband never to plan a big surprise party for me. It’s just not my thing.  I feel like I never get to really talk to my friends when they are all together in one room, and then there’s always the friends that don’t know any of your other friends…and it’s just not fun. I prefer smaller more intimate celebrations.  This is why you must know your spouse’s preferences if you want to make their birthday special!

20. Birthday Lunch

Show up at his/her work and go out for a birthday lunch together.  This one is especially fun if the person has no idea you can make it happen.

21. 5 Senses Husband Birthday Gift 

A 5 senses birthday gift for your husband is awesome and can be customized in a lot of different ways. This wouldn’t be an appropriate list of birthday ideas for husband if there weren’t at least a few sexy options 😉

Birthday Gift Idea For Husband

22. Maid Service

I asked a friend recently what her husband did for her birthday and she replied “He bought me MAID SERVICE!”  She was thrilled!  Even if it was just a one time deal, having someone else clean your house is an awesome gift (make sure it’s someone she doesn’t know)!  Another good one would be a babysitter on a day of her choice to go out and have time with herself (so needed as a mom!).

23. Reverse Surprise Party

This one comes from Arielle, one of my readers:

The most fun I have had planning a party-SO MUCH FUN!

Its where you take your spouse out to a restaurant that you had been talking about (make them think its going to be just the two of you and that you are planning something with friends a few days from then (it worked awesome to let it slip to my husband, who is impossible to keep a secret from, that I had planned a surprise party on his actual birthday)), and by coincidence you have one or two of your friends who happen to be eating already at the restaurant.

Then 5 or so minutes later you have another friend or two “happen” to show up. They pick a table near by…and then another set of friends come soon after…etc…etc…. It is so fun to see your spouse realize that they are being duped! You have to make sure that the restaurant is okay with the arrangement ahead of time. I also went to the restaurant earlier in the day and delivered a cake to be brought out at dinner.

My husband is so good at picking out surprises, but he was totally shocked! He had so much fun, and I had so much fun getting this together. It ended up being us and 15 of his buddies. He kept trying to figure out how I got them all timed perfectly to arrive in intervals. All I am saying is…it was epic.

24. Anniversary Coin.

This is such a cute gift that you can either make or buy. Just get a penny with the year you were married, and attach a fun charm like a heart. If you don’t want to spend time finding a penny and drilling a hole through it, you can get one for your specific year on Amazon for $10 or less.

Penny Keychain with the year you were MARRIED on it! Would make such a great gift or stocking stuffer for your spouse! Can also do pennies for the year your kids were born

Husband Birthday Guide by Year

Husband’s 25th Birthday

If your husband has a sweet tooth, this adorable candy poster will be sure to make him happy. It’s an affordable and creative gift that you can put together alone or with kids. Choose your husband’s favorite candies and use a play on words to create a fun poster with them. Think of ways you can use the name of the candy to fit into a cute story or poem. Your kids may have some great ideas for this as well.

Husband’s 30th Birthday 

This is a fun and easy birthday gift for husband, and it’s what we did for my husband’s 30th! We filled 30 heart-shaped balloons and included a note inside each one and tied them together with a note that said “30 reasons why we love you.” My kids walked inside his work with them. You can get a pack of heart-shaped balloons for fairly cheap here, and then use a Balloon time tank to fill them all.

Husband’s 35th Birthday

Men in their mid-30s are likely focused on their families, work, and responsibilities around the house. They probably have very little time to relax and rest. A relaxation kit can be a great gift for a man turning 35. You can get creative and make one yourself, or you can send him off to a spa or massage parlor to be pampered. Men enjoy massages and facials just as much as women, even if they aren’t willing to admit it.

Husband’s 40th Birthday

Is there a place your husband has always wanted to go? Make a surprise trip for him. You can plan the trip for the whole family or just send him to his favorite place alone or with a friend. You know what your husband would prefer. He will enjoy not having to play or budget for the trip and simply enjoying himself in a place he has always wanted to visit.

Husband’s 45th Birthday

Your husband does a lot for your family, and if you want to give back to him on his birthday, a coupon book is a fun gift. Work with the kids to come up with fun little rewards that you can turn into coupons. It can be something simple as a free hug, or something helpful like a free windshield snow removal, or dinner of your choice.

The possibilities are endless, and this gift is a fun way to show your husband how much you care about him. You can even try to come up with 45 different coupons since it’s his 45th birthday.

Husband’s 50th Birthday

If your husband is turning 50, there’s a good chance you have traveled to some amazing places together. What better way to remind him of those places than with a travel book. Collect photos of all the amazing places you have been together and present it to him on his 50th birthday.

This heartfelt gift will not only bring your family closer together; it will show him how much he has accomplished during his 50 years.

Husband’s 55th Birthday

At 55, most men like to take it easy. If they aren’t yet retired, they probably look forward to coming home from work and kicking back in front of the TV. If they are retired, they probably still enjoy some rest and entertainment in their favorite chair.

A great gift option is a movie basket. Find some of your husband’s favorite movies, snacks, and drinks and add them to a basket. You can also throw in things like slippers, pajama pants, and comfortable socks. Present him with this gift and let him enjoy a movie night in complete comfort.

Husband’s 60th Birthday

There are plenty of reasons why you love your husband, and if you think he needs a reminder, an I Love You jar is a great gift. Give it to him on his 60th birthday and encourage him to take out a paper from the jar each day to see a new reason why you love him.

You can even continue to add new reasons to it, so he never runs outs. You can write or type them out so they are easy to read and even get creative and use colored paper.

DIY / Homemade Birthday Ideas For Husband

Most everything I have done for my husband’s birthday have been things with a homemade touch. Some were printables or little booklets that I bought, but everything has it’s own little personal touch and have made wonderful husband birthday gifts.

Now it’s your turn to give me ideas for next year! What are your own birthday ideas for husband?

(Update: I did a video tribute and it ended up being my favorite thing so far. I had everyone send me a video message on their smartphone and had it compiled into a video.

Check it out here:  Husband’s Birthday Video).  If you find yourself in a similar situation, hunting for an idea for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or Christmas….here are some fun ways we’ve celebrated in the past:

 For some more fun and unique ideas, visit my post Meaningful and Fun Christmas traditions to start with your family.

Pin these husband birthday ideas for later:

Lots of fun & creative Birthday Ideas For Husband

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