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The Ultimate Snoopy Birthday Guide: 21 Ideas for a Snoopy-Themed Party

Children's funny birthday party in decorated room

The Ultimate Snoopy Birthday Guide: 21 Ideas for a Snoopy-Themed Party

Do you want to throw your little one the best Snoopy-themed party? If so, then you are in luck! Here, you will find the ultimate Snoopy-Themed Party guide to help you figure out precisely what games, food, and decorations to gather, no matter your budget! 

What To Consider When Planning a Birthday Party

When you are about to throw a birthday party, there are a few different considerations to think about. For starters, what type of family are you? Do you and your little one prefer a big bash? Something that screams, “It's my birthday, and by golly, we are going to celebrate!” On the flip side, do you like something quieter and less boisterous? 

The next thing to think about is how many people you will be inviting to the party. Figuring out this bit of information will help you determine how to plan the games and how much food to have available. 

Another thing to consider is how old your child is. A child turning eight versus a child turning two will enjoy different games and food.

Now, after you sit down and decide exactly what type of birthday party your little one will have, you are ready to start planning for the ultimate Snoopy-themed party! 

Knotts Berry Farm Snoopy in Camp Snoopy Waving
Snoopy is a family favorite cartoon that kids of all ages enjoy.

©Knott's Berry Farm PR – License

Food for a Snoopy Birthday

Snoopy and his friend Charlie Brown are popular characters in the Peanuts comic that ran from 1950 to 2000. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of excellent avenues to plan for the best Snoopy Party within the comic and television series. When starting with food, you can either go simple or all out. Some fun ideas would be:

Yellow Lemonade

One fun and easy drink is yellow lemonade. Yellow and red are some of the primary colors in Snoopy. So, put little pops of yellow and red in your food and decorations. 

Additionally, a cute and simple decoration to go with your drinks would be to buy yellow solo cups and draw the black stripe in the center to look like Charlie Brown's shirt.  

A fun and simple cup idea from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls.

Food and Snacks to Serve

When thinking about food, simple is a good route to go. A Trail mix with primary colors and even peanuts make a great little snack! 

Another easy snack idea from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls.

You can display the snacks in (clean) dog bowls to add more decorations to your birthday party. In addition, some snacks that would be great at a Snoopy birthday party include:

  1. Pretzels
  2. Peanut shaped cookies
  3. Popcorn
  4. Peanuts
  5. Chex mix 
  6. Rootbeer 
  7. Pizza (root beer and pizza is Snoopy's favorite!) 
  8. Marshmallows

Some more cute ideas for a Snoopy party include Snoopy cake pops, cookies, popcorn, and a primary color cake with Snoopy's doghouse as center stage. 

Peanuts-themed popcorn idea from Sra. Cricket.
Kara's Party Ideas shares these adorable Snoopy cookies.

Games For a Snoopy Birthday 

One of the main attractions at any birthday party is the games! Moreover, our website has many unique and fun games to try out for your next birthday party. However, to narrow it down a bit, these games would be dogtastic at your Snoopy birthday party! 

Pin the Tail on Snoopy

A simple classic game to play is pin the tail on Snoopy. You can try making your own if you can't find a Snoopy-themed one.

DIY Psychiatric Help Station

An adorable game/decoration for any Snoopy party is to set up a Psychiatric Help station based on Lucy's booth, which is very popular in the comics and television shows. You can use it as a decoration or have the children take turns giving advice to one another. 

Kara's Party Ideas share a simple Snoopy game and decoration.

Make Your Own Comics

A simple activity for the kids is to make your own comic strip. This can be done by printing a comic strip and having the children fill in their own. However, if you are more DIY, give the child a strip of paper and have them create their comic from scratch works, too! 

Comic word in artistic typography book , selective focus
DIY comics are a great idea for any kid who loves drawing or reading comic books!

©Chaiwuth Wichitdho/Shutterstock.com

Dance to Linus and Lucy's Theme Song

Learning how to do the Peanuts Dance move the kids do during the dances would be fun. The music is called Linus and Lucy. Simply have the kids watch the moves and try to imitate them! 

Cuddle Up With a Charlie Brown Movie

While this is more of an activity than a game, you can watch a Snoopy movie to top the day off! 

Happy family watching TV on sofa at night
Cuddle up with a Snoopy movie at the end of the birthday party.

©Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Favors For a Snoopy Birthday

Favors are not something that every family does. However, if you love giving out favors to your guests, try one of these fun ones! 

Bottles of peanuts are adorable and easy to make.

Since Snoopy is constantly typing on his typewriter, a little journal with an iconic Peanuts face in the center makes an adorable and simple favor. 

A simple and fun party favor would be these notebooks from Nathalie Naranjo.

Cake For a Snoopy Birthday

Coming up with the perfect birthday cake design to place center stage on the table can bring the whole party together. Whether you love cookies, cupcakes, or a typical cake, here are some fantastic ideas! 

Best Cake Designs has an adorable Snoopy cake topped with Snoopy himself. 

Best Cake Design shares a cute snoopy cake idea!

Yanilu Rondon's Cake Design includes the iconic dog house with Snoopy on top!

Adorn Snoopy on top of the cake like Yanilu Rondon Cake Design does here.

Lastly, this simple yet adorable cake from Best Cake Design adds a pop of color with the three balloons. 

This Snoopy cake by Best Cake Design is simple yet adorable.

Decorations For a Snoopy Birthday

There are many ways to decorate for a Snoopy-themed party. If you love simple, let the food and games take center stage and bring it all together. In addition, adding pops of primary colors with balloons, tablecloths, and cutouts can give the room the extra oomph you want. 

A fun idea would be adding a Snoopy cutout to place in the doorway. Additionally, using a cardboard box to create the iconic red Snoopy dog house with Snoopy on top (or just the dog house will work) can be a fantastic decoration. 

In Conclusion

No matter your budget, you can throw your little one the ultimate Snoopy-themed party. This list includes simple and cute decorations, fun food ideas, and the ultimate cakes to make your child's Snoopy birthday one they will never forget! 

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