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How To Pull Off A Petting Zoo Birthday Party

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How To Pull Off A Petting Zoo Birthday Party

If your little one is an animal lover and wants an exciting birthday, then having a petting zoo at their party is just the ticket. If you're struggling with how to organize a petting zoo birthday party, there are helpful ways to host the petting zoo birthday party your child wants and be happy that you have organized their best day ever.

Adorable cute toddler girl feeding little goats and sheeps on a kids farm. Beautiful baby child petting animals in the zoo. Excited and happy girl on family weekend.
Kids love spending time with animals.

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Planning A Petting Zoo Party

When you’re traveling to a petting zoo for your child’s birthday party, it’s crucial to make sure that the kids will be happy with this arrangement. Some kids fear particular animals such as horses or insects, so you will need to find a petting zoo that can arrange for other animals. Ask your children what sorts of animals they and their friends will like to see and start talking about petting zoos about the workable way to arrange for these animals to be available when you visit.

If you would like to host a petting zoo birthday party on a farm, do research on how to make sure you’re supporting the farm that’s right for your guests. Make sure the animals are being treated with respect, living comfortably, and getting the proper rest and nutrients they need to interact with people all day.

Scheduling A Date

Petting zoo birthday parties are very popular. Therefore, you would need to arrange a visit as soon as possible and get in early to make sure that you can book your requested spot. If your chosen time isn’t available, it is worthwhile to look for mobile petting zoos. These companies come to your home and bring animals to visit your guests.

Petting Zoo Decorations

When you love to create decorations yourself or want things to be ready-made, you’re sure to find inspirational décor and party invite ideas, especially on Pinterest. Since the animals are the main attraction, you don’t need to go overboard with decorations; a few simple ideas would work.

Petting Zoo Invitations

Whether you’re bringing the petting zoo to your house or hosting a party at a farm, animal-inspired invitations add a pleasant touch to establish the theme for your child’s party. Include all the information for the party and what guests should expect if they decide to attend.

There are free, editable printable farm invitations. Edit the PDF with the relevant details, print it on cardstock (or pass it in an email) and distribute it out to your party guests.

Petting Zoo Banner

Party banners are a great idea to decorate an average wall. For your banner, download, print, and add adorable petting zoo animal pennants. You only need minimal supplies such as string, hole punch, and tape to hang the banner to the wall and your banner is ready to go.

bunny banner template
An animal banner is a perfect touch to decorating a petting zoo-themed party.

Petting Zoo Balloons

Decorate your event with large zoo animal balloons. You can have them filled with helium or use a hand pump. Attach them to the wall to create a festive backdrop that’s a great photo booth spot for photos.

Petting Zoo Décor

Set up hay bales and corn stalks in your backyard if you plan to have a petting zoo party at your home. You can buy farm scene setters by hanging them on your wall to make a great background image to help set the mood.

Petting Zoo-Themed Food and Drink

On a special day, continue the petting zoo theme with kid-friendly drinks and food. Whether you make it yourself or order it from a bakery and caterer, you can be creative on what type of food and choices you would choose for your party:

Farm-inspired Cake

A birthday cake is the focal food of your party. Whether you opt for fondant or buttercream, a farm-themed cake is essential to complement the petting zoo party set and make the singing happy birthday option extra special. Ask the bakery to include items like barns, fences, tractors, petting zoo animals, and barn hay, or include cute animal cake toppers.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is always a popular snack, no matter the age. Remove the husks and silks, then brush the corn with butter. Wrap it in aluminum foil, grill, and turn for 15 minutes. Sprinkle salt, garlic powder, or herbs for a variety of choices.

barbecue and grilled corn with cheese and lime on plate


Farm Animal Decorated Cookies

Farm animal-themed cookies are a must when planning a birthday party. Bake animal-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with icing and embellishments.

Farm Table Smoothies

Use fresh fruit to make delightful farm table smoothies. It makes the perfect option if the event is outdoors on a hot summer day and you’re looking for something refreshing and nutritious to serve. Adapt these unique basic fruit smoothie recipes for plenty of fruity goodness.

Cheese, Ham, Mashed Potato Roll-Ups

These cheese, ham, and mashed potato roll-ups are an option to serve at your party as they are easy to put together and look unique and appetizing to eat when arranged on a party plate.

Meat, Cheese, and Fruit Charcuterie Board

Whether you have a petting zoo birthday party in the fall or summer, a charcuterie board is a fresh and nutritious choice to offer to your guests. Arrange the fruit, meats, and cheese on a charcuterie board or tray to be enjoyed outdoors throughout the party.

Petting Zoo Chocolate Party Favors

Plan the day before to create farm animal party take-home party favors. Investing in animal cookie cutters will help you scratch this duty off your list and focus on other tasks for setting up the party. All you need is good quality chocolate, farm animal molds, goodies bags, and ribbons. You can mold a variety of petting zoo animal chocolate such as llamas, rabbits, goats, pigs, and cows.

Petting Zoo Activities

No party wouldn’t be a party without fun activities to entertain your guests. Besides a petting zoo, set up additional space for different festivities for your guests to enjoy:

Pin The Tail On The Farm Animal

Pin-the-tail games are always popular among adults and kids alike. They make a wonderful activity for giving the guests the opportunity to play and socialize during a fun game that doesn’t require much planning. There are free printable posters you can find online. Print the tails on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. Make sure you have strong double-sided tape to adhere the poster to the wall and a blindfold.

Petting Zoo Food Art

Set up a station of fruit such as grapefruit slices, apple wedges, sliced grapes, sliced strawberries, blueberries, and plates. The kids can create their own animal fruit plate. Have the fruit wedges and slices ready to go along with a picture to inspire a fun and quick edible activity.

Farm Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt game gives kids an opportunity to go on an outdoor adventure and appreciate the world around them. This game is ideal if you’re hosting a party at a farm. Download and print as many cards as you need for this fun activity you can do during the party. Whoever checks off the most items wins the game.

camping game - scavenger hunts
A scavenger hunt is a fun activity for adventurous party guests.


Animal Charades

Animal charades is a game your party guests will love by guessing animals. There are other types of animals from the zoo you could use, like giraffes, tigers, bears, and zebras.


Organizing a petting zoo birthday party can be a daunting task to complete. With the right planning, setting up a petting zoo birthday party would help run a party smoothly and with ease. The playful company of cuddly animals will gift your kid and their guests a lifetime experience.

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