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Everything You Need for a Great Party is On This Party Planning Checklist

Everything You Need for a Great Party is On This Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party can be fun, but it can also be stressful. We've got a great checklist here for you to help you plan a stress-free party that everyone will enjoy. Let's check it out.

Key Points

  • The first thing you should do is pick a theme for your party.
  • Make sure to keep any food restrictions/allergies in mind when picking out a menu for your party.
  • Ensure you inform guests of what they need to bring and wear to the party in the invitation, if applicable.

Party Planning Checklist

One Month Before:

1. Choose a theme for your party. Party themes make the party much more fun!

2. Create a guest list for your party. Pick the party date and what time it will start. Try picking a date that doesn't fall on or near a holiday, unless the party is specifically for that holiday. Pick a start time that isn't too early in the day, but that also allows you to complete your party's itinerary.

3. Order or buy party supplies and decorations. This may include balloons, streamers, banners, party favors, invitations, and partyware like plates, napkins, cups, etc.

Two to Three Weeks Before:

1. Send out the invitations. Ask for RSVPs. You can send invitations out via text or mail. Make sure you provide information about what guests should bring and wear, if applicable. Put the location of the party in the invitation.

2. Plan your menu, activities, and games that you plan to use. Keep any allergies your guests have or may have in mind. If in doubt, ask them ahead of time if they have any food restrictions. Keep in mind the capabilities of your guests; don't pick any activities that any of your guests can't do. Don't overwhelm your itinerary with too many activities.

One Week Before:

1. Contact the guests that have not responded. Double check that you have the right contact information for your guests. If they don't respond after you attempt to contact them, assume they aren't coming.

2. Order or bake your cake. If you are having a cake, now is a good time to order your cake if you are not baking your own, otherwise bake it and freeze it.

3. Make or bake other items that can be made beforehand. This is a big time saver and should be done if possible. Store foods in the freezer.

2-3 Days Before:

1. Buy any remaining food or supplies for the party. This includes drinks, candles and matches.

2. Check batteries for the camera or the camcorder, if applicable.

3. Take out any food you have made ahead of time from the freezer. This allows sufficient time for the food to defrost.

1 Day Before:

1. Finalize the cake. Either decorate it if you made it or pick it up if you ordered it.

2. Finish making the rest of the food. Child-proof the area so the party is safe for little ones. Make sure expensive and fragile objects are out of reach. Close off any rooms you don't want your guests to go in. Make sure any cords are managed properly so guests don't trip over them.

3. Decorate any indoor areas. Make sure decorations are secure and child-proof.

4. Prepare any food and beverages that can be prepared the day before.

5. Make sure your phone is charged, so that guests can contact you if needed and you can take photos and videos.

The Big Day:

1. Decorate any outdoor areas. Do this early in the day, unless there is threat of rain or it is windy.

2. Prepare foods and beverages that could not be made ahead of time.

3. Decide where the gifts should go. If this is a birthday party, have a table or some designated area for the gifts.

4. Assemble any items you need for games and activities.

Party Supply Checklist

9″ Plates
7″ Plates
Luncheon Napkins
Beverage Napkins
Table Cover
Plastic Cutlery
Thank You's
Blow Outs
Mylar/Latex Balloons
All “meal” items
Ice Cream
Items needed for game/activity
Door Sign
Party Extras
Curling Ribbon

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