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What Are Popular Toys For 14-Year-Olds?

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What Are Popular Toys For 14-Year-Olds?

Do you have a fourteen-year-old you want to buy for but don't know what they like? Buying for teenagers is notoriously difficult. Kids are more independent at fourteen but still like to have fun and play. They aren’t driving yet, so they spend a lot of time at home or their friend's houses. Being fourteen is an exciting time of discovery and learning. This is a time when many teens are craving independence and are beginning to have specific ideas about what is cool and developing a strong sense of self. Understanding what toys and games will light them up can be challenging. Web MD suggests finding a toy or activity that is social and keeps teens active, benefiting their overall development and mental health. Here is a list of popular toys for 14-year-olds so you can find one for the teenager in your life.

Some of these things aren't necessarily toys; they are a mix of games, activities, gadgets, and other things that a fourteen-year-old will enjoy.

1. Tie-Dye Party Kit 

By fourteen, kids have outgrown crafts like homemade playdough and macaroni necklaces and are ready for more mature crafts and art projects like tie-dye. Some folks might think tie-dye is outdated, but for the fourteen-year-old in your life, tie-dye is a new art form. This tie-dye party kit has everything to start making tie-dye creations. It comes with twelve bottles of liquid dye, four bags of soda ash, rubber bands, and full instructions on how to and what to tie-dye. Make it a party and tie-dye with your friends.

Tie Dye Party Kit

Tie-dye is back and more popular than ever. This kit includes everything to get in on the fun.

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2. HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer

It is no surprise that teens love their phones and taking selfies, and with this portable photo printer, they can instantly print their selfies. This instant photo printer is excellent for a fourteen-year-old who loves capturing special moments with friends. 

HP Sprocket Portable 2x3" Instant Photo Printer

Print fun photos on the go with this portable photo printer.

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3. Shocktato Party Game

Every fourteen-year-old loves some straight-up silly fun, and the Shocktato game is the perfect toy. It is like a hot potato but more electrifying. The game has three different shock settings and is intended for a bit of silly fun. It is safe, and the shocks are mild, but the fun is extreme.

Shocktato Party Game - The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

Kids, teens, and adults will love this new electronic version of Hot Potato.

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4. Thoughtfully Gourmet, Mini Boba Party Set

Boba tea has hit the teen scene, and boba tea just got cooler with this mini boba party set. This is perfect for a teenage tea party. The set includes four flavors of boba tea plus sixteen 7 oz plastic cups, straws, lids,  and boba pearls to make flavorful boba tea for a group of friends.

Thoughtfully Gourmet, Mini Boba Party Set
$34.99 ($0.78 / Ounce)

Have a boba tea party with this 16-portion set.

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5. Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch

Teens love to chill out with their friends, and this inflatable couch is perfect for relaxing and watching movies. The inflatable couch comes in thirteen colorful patterns and has its own carry bag. To inflate the couch, just watch the instruction video that explains the simple method. There is no pump required. Set up the inflatable couch in the backyard, at the beach, camping, or anywhere you want to relax.

Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Lounger.

This inflatable lounger is easy to set up anywhere you want to relax.

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6. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box 

This magnetic shape-shifting box is designed to be interactive art that you can hold and play with. It is better than plastic pop-its and turns nervous energy into artistic shapes. It stimulates the mind and opens doors of creativity. Playing with the magnetic cube challenges the senses and is like a sensory puzzle box just waiting to be explored. Teens will love playing with this and seeing where they can go with this interactive, mind-bending toy. It is easy to understand why this is one of the popular toys for 14-year-olds.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Cool design and captivating effects make this shape-shifting box an excellent gift.

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7. VINSGUIR Pickleball Paddle Set

Pickleball is all the rage these days, and every pickleball-loving teen should have their very own pickleball paddle set. The USA Pickleball experts approve this set. It has four paddles, four balls, and a cute carry bag to take your pickleball game wherever you go to play. 

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8. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

Teens will love playing with this drone. This remote-controlled drone has a 1080P FOV 120° HD FPV camera to capture all kinds of fun moments. The remote control has voice control, trajectory, and gravity sensors, perfect for beginner drone users. This battery-operated drone can operate for twenty minutes before needing a recharge. The drone is great for creating videos and capturing pictures, and the app makes it easy to upload to social media. Teens will love making cool videos of themselves and their friends.

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10. Dopheuor LED Photo Clip Copper String Lights 

What do teens love more than taking photos of themselves and their friends? Showing off those photos to other friends. And with these photo clip string lights, they can do just that. The clip lights have a soft glow with a small clip to attach printed photos. The battery-powered lights have two different modes, flashing or twinkling, and they give off a soft ambient light, creating a relaxed mood with favorite photos on display. These lights can be used indoors or outdoors to decorate bedrooms, dorms, patios, and even Christmas trees. While this isn't exactly a toy, your fourteen-year-old will definitely love this.

Dopheuor LED Photo Clip Copper String Lights Starry Fairy Warm White Lights Battery Powered for Hang Picture
$10.99 ($1.53 / Foot)

Set the mood and the vibe with these fairy lights and photo clips.

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11. Sky Castle DoodleJamz JellyBoards

Does your fourteen-year-old like to draw and doodle? This squishy board is a new way to get the fidgets out. This sensory drawing pad uses non-toxic gel to create drawings. It is a fun activity, and teens will love sharing this with their friends. The way it works is that two layers of gel are vacuum-sealed, keeping drawings in place. Teens can use their fingers or a stylus to blend colors and shapes for cool drawings or doodles. When done, the board is cleared to start over. This is a great thing to take on long car rides or plane trips to stimulate hands and minds and ignite the imagination.

Sky Castle DoodleJamz JellyBoards — Squishy Drawing Pads Filled with Non-Toxic Sensory Gel

Have fun drawing and doodling with this unique sensory gel drawing pad.

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12. ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

This laser tag comes with everything you need to play laser tag. You can turn your backyard or local park into a laser tag arena. The set comes with a target vest, night vision flashlight, voice-guided instructions directions, invisibility mode, and a 150-foot shooting range for maximum play. Four teams can participate with their laser blasters in pistol, rocket, shotgun, or machine gun mode. The lasers fit big and little hands for a solid grip. This is perfect for a teen party or family get-together. The set is for players ages eight and up, so even little brothers or sisters can get in on the fun. If you have a fourteen-year-old who needs to get off their screens and outside more, then try this laser tag set. This is one popular toy for fourteen-year-olds.

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13. Hover Soccer Ball

This floating hover soccer ball lights up for fun indoor play. The ball has foam bumpers for safety and to protect walls,  furniture, and feet. You do not need any special soccer cleats or even tennis shoes to play with this floating hover ball; bare feet are just fine. Play indoor soccer on a rainy day or outdoor game in the backyard. This LED soccer ball hovers for smooth sailing across the carpet, hardwood, tile, and asphalt, so you can literally play anywhere. Your fourteen-year-old does not need to be a soccer MVP or athlete to enjoy playing indoor soccer hover ball with their friends. This is an excellent toy for the whole family to get moving and have fun. 

Great for Active Kids
Set of 2 Light Up LED Soccer Ball
  • Set of two soccer balls.
  • LED lights.
  • It has foam edges for safety.

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14. Animals In Glasses Coloring Book

Being a teenager is difficult between navigating school and peer relationships and a changing body and body image; these years can be challenging, and finding a way to relieve stress and decompress is important for teens to keep them from turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. This zen coloring book can help. Mindful coloring calms and relaxes while letting the mind wander and process ideas and thoughts. Coloring is a form of mindful meditation or active meditation, and in today's stressful world full of social media and cultural wars, it is nice to have a way to calm down and find some peace during the day. The whimsical drawings of animals in glasses are cute and fun. Teenagers will love the calming effect of coloring and just spending time being themselves and relaxing. 

Animals In Glasses Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Zen Animal Coloring Book for Relaxation and Mindfulness

Zen coloring books are excellent stress relievers for busy minds and bodies.

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04/15/2024 03:30 pm GMT
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