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This Awesome Superhero Party Theme Is for You

Super Hero Theme

This Awesome Superhero Party Theme Is for You

Key Points

  • You can tailor the decorations to your child’s favorite superhero, or you can decorate the party room with generic superhero colors.
  • Serve superhero themed snacks like wonder dogs and hero sandwiches.
  • Have fun games that test feats of strength, speed, and agility.
  • Create masks and capes for your guests, which can be used as party favors.

Clark Kent into Superman, Bruce Wayne into Batman, Diana Prince into Wonder Woman (yes we could only think of Lynda Carter too), Gotham, the fortress of solitude . . . There is no limit to the superheroes and places you can go when planning a superhero party. Although a little research on superheroes popular today will help you avoid losing cool points when you plan this birthday party theme.

Calling All Superheroes!

The party theme starts with the invitations. This is where you set the feel for the party. You can create and print your own comic themed invitations. Or, if you’re in more of a time crunch, you can find an invitation you like and have them printed and mailed to you. There are many options for superhero invitations and there are even invitations that include your child's picture in the design.

Decorating the Party Room

If you have a favorite superhero in mind, get streamers and balloons in colors that match the superhero's costume. If you want to go for a superhero theme that doesn't follow one superhero, you can use bold red, yellow, and blue streamers and balloons. Hang some streamers in the doorway to the party room and hang some from the ceiling. Attach superhero logos or action words to the ends of the streamers hanging from the ceiling. Some action word examples are POW!, BAM!, and ZAP!

Make cartoon speech bubbles from construction paper and attach them to balloons. You can tape the balloons to the walls of the party room or place them on the floor to float about during the party.

Cut out skyscrapers from cardboard and use them as the backdrop to the foods table. Wooden letters painted in bright red, yellow, or blue can spell out action words.

Themed Snacks for Superheroes

You can place all of the food on one table and have signs labeling each food with a fun superhero themed name. Be creative with the names and have fun with it. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Wonder Dogs with all the fixings
  • Hero Sandwiches
  • Veggie Tray for Super Strength
  • Fruit Tray for Super Speed
  • Power Punch

Superhero Super Strength Tests and Games

There are many fun party games you can play that test superhero abilities. If the weather is nice, have the kids play the games outside. They will have a ton of fun and burn some energy.

Krypton Rock Toss. Have the children toss bean bags as far as they can. Each hero gets three tries, and the one who throws the farthest wins.

Big Bounce. Put an empty basket on a chair. Mark a spot six feet away. Each superhero stands on the spot and attempts to bounce the ball into the basket. Each player gets three tries. The superhero with the most baskets wins.

Dead Foot. Let each superhero try this trick. Ask one of your guests to stand sideways near a wall with his right foot and shoulder touching the wall. Now show everyone that you will put a dollar under his left foot. If he can lift his left foot without moving his right shoulder or right foot, he can keep the money. The trick is that no one can do this because the center of gravity of the body will not allow you to pick up the left foot.

Award the superhero with the most wins a trophy or medal of honor.

Superhero kid against blue sky background.
Kids love pretending to be superheroes.


Superhero Capes and Masks

Give each child a cape and mask to wear during the party and to take home with them. You can easily make capes out of rectangular pieces of fabric or purchase inexpensive ones. To make masks, cut them out of paper plates or cardboard. Each guest can color their own superhero mask as a party activity. Attach string to the masks so they can be tied around the heads of your guests.

If you’re handy with a camera, set up a comic backdrop and photograph each of your superheroes in costume. They can make superhero poses pretending to fly or stand showing off their muscles. Your guests will have a fun time posing.

Child with a homemade superhero mask cut out from cardboard.
Cutting out masks from paper plates or cardboard for your guests to decorate is a fun party activity.

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Superhero themed birthday parties are always a hit. Kids love using their imaginations and pretending to be superheroes. Planning a party like this is fun and exciting. Let your imagination run wild and be creative. Whatever you plan is going to be loved by your guests.

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