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Play This Fun Princess Trivia Game Kids Love

Play This Fun Princess Trivia Game Kids Love

If you are throwing a princess birthday party, you'll want to include this fun game. Your daughter and her friends have their favorite princesses, and they know a lot about them. This princess trivia game will test their princess knowledge and is sure to entertain them.

Princess Trivia

What you'll need:

  • A list of trivia questions about popular princesses
  • Several small prizes

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Write a list of questions about popular princesses that most of the girls are likely to be able to answer. Here are some suggestions:

  • Who lived with seven dwarves? Snow White
  • Who had to be home at the stroke of midnight? Cinderella
  • Who had a fish for a best friend? Ariel
  • Who lived with a talking teapot? Belle

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Explain that you’re going to ask questions about some of their favorite princesses. When they know the answer, they should raise their hand.

Step 2: Start reading the questions.  When they give a correct answer, award a small prize. Try and call on each girl at least once, so everyone gets a prize.

Princess Party Theme Must Haves

There are a lot of options and ideas when planning a princess party. There are fun decorations, exciting games, and delicious treats every princess will enjoy. Your party will look magical with colorful streamers and balloons. You can hang streamers in the doorway of the entrance to the party so party goers have to walk through them. Setting tiaras at each place setting will make the girls excited. They can wear the tiaras throughout the party.

Instead of a birthday cake, you can make princess cupcakes. Creating cupcakes with different princesses will delight and amaze your guests. You can find out each guest's favorite princess beforehand and create a cupcake specifically for each guest. These princess cupcakes become part of the decorations, and the figurines used to make them end up being party favors.

Easy Princess Cupcakes tutorial & Other princess party ideas
These fun cupcakes are great for a princess themed birthday party.

Princess parties are always a big hit and are full of magic and imagination. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming deciding what to pick. We want to ensure our kids' birthday parties are perfect, and we may stress out a bit over it. Try not to worry. Your guests are going to love your princess party and have the best time. Try to relax and enjoy the party too.

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