The Party Princess

Make her Birthday memorable by giving your daughter and friends the royal treatment

Do you share your house with a little princess whose birthday is looming on the not so distant horizon? Make all her regal dreams come true by turning her party into a royal ball including tiaras and princess dresses.

Before tuning out this is not an unrealistic castle in the clouds kind of goal. All it takes is a few princesses (also known as your daughter’s friends) and a smattering of the royal treatment. Prime time for a princess themed party are between the ages of three and eight, but even older girls enjoy the royal treatment if the games and party favors are properly adapted.

Games for the nobility

For your youngest princesses a game of musical crowns will be very fun. The only supplies necessary are identical princess crowns and a hat, like a court jester or a baseball cap. The rules for this game are just like musical chairs except you are using crowns and a hat instead of chairs. The princess who gets the hat is out.

Another fun game is a relay race getting ready for the ball. Split the princesses into two groups. Each group races to get ready by putting on dresses, jewelry and for older girls makeup. The first group to have all team members properly adorned wins!

Refreshments fit for a queen

The princess cake is a must for a younger girls princess party. Kits to create a princess cake are available on-line or in craft stores with little cost. If you’d rather do it yourself you can just purchase a plastic doll and bake a cake in an oven safe bowl shaped like a bell or dome to make the skirt. Ice the cake as if it were a gown; place the doll in the top of cake sinking her up to her waist. Your little princess will go wild!

The royal robes

Décor is one of best aspects of a princess party. Your little princess and all her friends provide much of it with their dresses. You can either ask each child to come dressed in her royal finery or provide gowns for each child and have them dawn the queenly raiment upon arrival.

Younger princesses all have a cartoon princess of choice. Decorate your party with her image. You could provide coloring pages for each guest to decorate with crayons, stickers or glitter then hang the art work up for display. Make the refreshment table a banquet table with silken or golden table clothes scattered with flower petals. Include royal crowns, or glass slippers in the center piece.

A Princess, but not a child

Few girls ever really out grow the fun of a princess party. Older girls might not want to play musical chairs or pin the crown on the princess, but they will still enjoy the glamour of being a princess for a night. After a royal make over that includes everything from make-up, nail polish and tiara topped up-does, settle your teenage royalty into a movie featuring a princess (There is not shortage of cartoon or live action flix that prominently depict royalty.) Refreshments are still a must, but with less fuss. Have the princess who lives with you make out a snacks list. But be sure to surprise her with a truly fabulous cake. She will love it. With a little imagination and a bit of princess magic this will be the happily ever after your princess will remember for years to come.