Frog Birthday Party Theme

First up – The Bog:

1) Make lily pads from green paper and make a trail of them from the driveway to the front door, or draw them using green sidewalk chalk. You can put the name of a guest on each one, if you wish.

2) Use house plants and fake trees to decorate the party room. Have toy frogs peeking out from the leaves.

3) Round up all the toy frogs you own and use them as table toppers and centerpieces. Don't forget to include the ones that have frogs driving cars or doing other silly activities.

4) Put frog posters up on the walls.

5) Make your own frog pond by filling a small baby pool with water and adding lots of plastic frogs. Be sure the pool is always supervised to avoid accidents.

6) Make a sign for the front door that says “Hop this way for (your child's name) party!”

Second up – Food for Frogs:

1) Serve green, child friendly foods, like wedges of green apple, green grapes, green gummy worms, and green Jell-o.

2) Serve flies on a log. Stuff celery sticks with cream cheese, and stick on raisin flies.

3) Make frogs in a pond. Put a scoop of lime sherbet into a cup and add clear soda. The sherbet will float to the top, and look like a frogs head peeking out of the water. Add two mini marshmallow or chocolate chips for eyes. Serve each one with a spoon.

4) To make a lily pad birthday cake, bake any size round cake. After the cake has cooled, cut a small “v” shape out of the top so that the cake looks like a lily pad. Frost the cake with green frosting, and use a darker green decorator icing to make the veins of a leaf. Top the cake with a plastic frog.


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