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This Unicorn Party Theme and Treat Ideas are Amazing

This Unicorn Party Theme and Treat Ideas are Amazing

Children love unicorns, and throwing a unicorn themed party will surely be a hit. We have some fun decoration, treat, and game ideas for you. We hope these ideas will inspire you as you plan your party.

Enchanted Forest Theme

Unicorns live in enchanted forests, and you can easily create one for your party. Use soft, pale colors to decorate such as pale pink, lavender, light green, and pale yellow. Create a magical entrance to your party by outlining the front door with clear twinkle lights. Add a banner to the doorway that says, “Welcome to (your child's name) Enchanted Forest.” A decorated entrance like this will create an air of mystery and magic for the party.

Using poster board or construction paper in soft, pale colors, cut out unicorns and hang them around the party room. If you already have stuffed unicorns, you can use them as table toppers and centerpieces. Sprinkling colorful confetti around the centerpieces will add to the festive and magical feel of the party.

You can either buy or make flower garlands and hang them on the back of each chair. Tell the children they should place it around the neck of any unicorns they may catch. Maybe purchase some small inflatable unicorns and hide them around the party location for the children to find.

Unicorn Food and Treats

Every unicorn party needs fun unicorn treats! Hollow out a purple cabbage to use as a magical looking veggie bowl. Serve a fruit salad in plastic goblets or champagne flutes with bows tied around the stems. Serve pink lemonade in teacups. This drink looks elegant and matches the color palette.

Serve unicorn horns as a fun and special treat. You can easily make these by dipping pretzel rods into melted white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle pastel-colored sprinkles on the pretzels. You can also serve hot dogs and call them unicorn horns. Provide various toppings for the children to add themselves.

Unicorn Activities and Games

A fun activity for your guests is decorating unicorn horns. These horns can be premade out of construction paper. Cut the paper into triangles and roll them into cones. Then, take or glue them together. Have a table with paints and glitter for the children to use to decorate their horns. Attach a piece of elastic so the party guests can wear them during the party.

Adding some fun unicorn games to the party will entertain your guests and help burn some of their energy. Games like unicorn mane races or the princess and the frog game are fun and great for children. Unicorn mane races involves different teams working together to create the mane of a unicorn. The fastest team wins. The princess and the frog game involves one player trying to figure out who is the frog among the other party guests. Both games will cause a lot of giggles and fit in perfectly with your theme.

No matter how you choose to decorate your unicorn party or what treats and games you offer, your party is sure to delight. Children love unicorns and using their imaginations. So, have some fun creating your magical world and know everyone will love your party.

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