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You Need to Check Out This Awesome Bowling Party Theme

You Need to Check Out This Awesome Bowling Party Theme

Can't afford to throw a birthday party at an actual bowling alley? Make your own! Saving money is important for many parents, and we're sure you're no exception. Let's get into this awesome party idea.

Bowling Party Theme – The Bowling Alley

Make bowling pins and balls from construction paper and hang them around the party room.

Take black, helium-filled balloons, and draw white finger holes on them to make them look like bowling balls. Let them float around the party room.

Make sign that says, “Welcome to (your child's name)'s Bowling Alley”, and hang in on the front door.

Buy inexpensive, child-sized shirts, and write each guest's name on the left shoulder of a shirt, and (your child's name)'s bowling team across the back. The guests can wear them during the party, or take them home as favors.

If you own any bowling balls, shoes, and bags, use them as decorations. The shoes can be peeping out from under the furniture, and the ball and bag can be used as a centerpiece.

Bowling Party Theme – The Concession Stand

Serve foods you would normally see at the bowling alley concession. Pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, and French fries. You could also include some healthier choices, like fruit, cheese, and cut up vegetables.

Making a bowling ball cake is simpler then you might think. Pour the cake batter into a greased, oven proof, 2 ½ quart bowl, and bake. Allow to cool, and then flip the bowl over to remove the cake onto the serving plate. Cut out the three finger holes, and put white tea light candles in each hole. Frost the rest of the cake in chocolate frosting. You can add your child's name using decorator icing.

Let the guests make their own “Bowling Alley banana splits”. Since split is a bowling term, this treat ties in nicely with the theme. Have a few different ice cream flavors, bananas, cherries, sprinkles, and whip cream, and let the kids go wild!

If your child is a cookie fan rather than a cake fan, no worries! Bake a bunch of round sugar cookies and leave them undecorated. Create a fun activity for guests by allowing them to decorate their own cookie! Provide them with the frosting, sprinkles, and any other additions you want. Make sure you cover your table or counter with a disposable tablecloth to make it easier for you to clean up.

If you don't want to let kids decorate their own cookies, or if your guests are too young to do so, then you can decorate them yourself. Simply cover each cookie with frosting and place three flat, round candies on top to emulate bowling ball holes. Use different color frosting to keep things intriguing. White, black, blue, red- whatever you prefer! To make your guest of honor's cookie special, use their favorite color to frost. Don't frost any of the other cookies that color.

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