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This is the Best Way to Throw a Party For a Young Ballerina

This is the Best Way to Throw a Party For a Young Ballerina

Have a budding ballerina in need of a great birthday party? You're in the right place! This article will tell you everything you need to know about throwing an awesome ballerina party.

Ballerina Party Theme – The Dance Studio

Use pink and white balloons, streamers and tablecloths. Use white twinkle lights all around the party space. Hang a large swath of pink tulle over the main party area. Attach flowers and butterflies to the tulle. Tie bows of pink ribbon or tulle on the backs of all the chairs.

Make a sign that reads “Welcome to (your child's name)'s Dance Studio”. Play music from a popular ballet like The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, or Swan Lake. Use a bubble machine at the front door, so guests walk through lots of bubbles as they enter.

If you can swing it, hire a dance instructor to give your guest of honor and their friends a dance lesson. Make sure that everyone has ballerina shoes! Either ask that each guest bring their own, or try to find a cost-effective way to supply them. If you're unable to acquire ballerina shoes for everyone, ask the dance instructor for alternatives.

It may be cheaper to head to a dance studio instead of hiring a private dance instructor. Do your research to find the best ballerina dance studio around. You can even surprise your birthday kid with additional dance lessons as a birthday gift!

Ballerina Party Theme – Dainty Delicacies

Serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into stars with a cookie cutter. Cut-up fruit looks extra elegant when served in plastic goblets or champagne flutes. For an extra touch, tie a small pink bow around the stem. Serve pink lemonade and mini muffins in different flavors.

For an elegant ballerina cake, bake one 6 inch round cake and one 9 inch round cake. Stack the small cake on top of the larger one, and frost both with pink frosting. Top with a ballerina figure, or a pair of plastic ballerina slippers. Pink ribbons cut from fondant can be draped down the sides for an extra touch.

Serve strawberry and vanilla ice cream to go along with the cake.

Before settling firmly on a menu, make sure you talk to all of the parents to check for any food restrictions. If a guest has a food allergy or insensitivity, you want to be able to plan around it in advance. Be ready to have to offer alternatives, or to have to change around your menu. Get creative and find the best menu that works for your guests!

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