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Your Kids Will Love This Frog Detective Game

Your Kids Will Love This Frog Detective Game

Are you in need of a fun game for a children's birthday party? If so, you've come to the right place! This frog detective game is fun, exciting, and creates a team atmosphere.

Frog Detective

Things you’ll need:

  • A package of index cards
  • Pen or pencil

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1: Count out enough index cards so that there is one for each guest. Write the letter D on one card and the letter F on another card. On all the other cards, write the letter X.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Tell the children to sit in a circle.

Step 2: Give each child an index card. Tell them to look at their cards, but not to show anyone else what it says.

A little girl holding an index card.
Each guest will have an index card and shouldn't tell anyone what it says.

©Yuliia Yuliia/Shutterstock.com

Step 3: The child with the D is the detective, and sits in the center of the circle. The child with the F is the frog. Everyone with an X is a fly. Everyone who has the F and an X should keep it a secret for now.

Step 4: When the game starts, the frog can eat the flies by sticking his tongue out quickly when the detective isn’t looking. The frog must look at at his target and stick out his tongue. The fly who is the target must fall over “dead.”

Step 5: The detective has to try and figure out who is the frog by watching carefully and trying to catch him sticking his tongue out.

Step 6: If the frog eats all the flies but one, he wins the game. If the detective guesses who the frog is before that, he wins.

Step 7: Play several rounds so different children get a chance to be the frog and the detective.

Try out these variations:

Variation 1: You can make the game even more exciting by setting a time limit for the detective to discover who is the frog.

Variation 2: You can make it a race by setting a limit on how many flies the frog can eat before the detective figures out who is the frog.

A group of kids sitting in a circle with one kid standing in the middle.
A large circle of kids and a girl in the middle playing frog detective.

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Additional Frog Party Ideas

The frog detective game is fun to play on its own or as part of a frog party theme. If you want to throw a frog party, we have many other ideas you can add to your party. You can start with the decorations. Get streamers and balloons in varying shades of green. Hang some streamers in the doorway to the party so party guests walk through them. String the streamers from the ceiling to create a marshland feel. If you have plants around your home, you can move them to the party room to add to the ambience.

There are other fun games your guests can play in addition to the frog detective. You can create a frog pond with a kiddie pool and put plastic frogs in it. You can have a bobbing for frogs contest. Be sure to have an adult always supervising the kiddie pool to avoid any accidents. Your guests can also play the princess and the frog game. It is a fun and silly game where the “kiss” is actually a Hershey’s kiss.

Children love birthday parties and fun party games.

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Whether you have a frog themed birthday party or you decide to go with another birthday party theme, your guests will have a great time playing the frog detective game. There will be a lot of giggling and excitement. We hope you enjoy the game as well.

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