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Every Kid Will Love This Over and Out Game

Every Kid Will Love This Over and Out Game

If you're in search of a simple, fun game for your child's birthday party, you're in the right place. This over and out game will be loved by every child. It's a great precursor to cake or gifts!

Things you'll need:

Toy car
Small ball

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Have the guests stand or sit in a large circle. 

Step 2:  Give the car to one guest, and the ball to another.

Step 3:  The guests should start passing the car to each other, going in one direction, “over.” At the same time, the ball should be tossed randomly from guest to guest, “out.”

Step 4:  The idea is to keep the ball and car both moving around the circle without getting stuck with both at the same time.

Step 5:  When a guest ends up with both at the same time, the other guests should yell, “Over and Out!” 

Step 6:  Play ends when only one child is left in the circle. 

Other Ways to Play This Game

There are plenty of ways to play Over and Out! If you want to up the challenge, start with two objects and gradually increase the number of objects you add as the game goes on. Add another ball, or another car. The more items that get added, the crazier it will get! As people get out, you may need to reduce the number of items being used to make the game fair. Adding and taking objects will keep the game fresh and exciting for all players!

You can also use only balls, and have the kids throw all the balls rather than throw one and pass one. This will be really chaotic! Be sure to do it in a wide space, since otherwise there's a good chance something will get knocked over and broken! One important note to keep in mind is to make it clear with all of the participants that they aren't allowed to whip the ball at anyone. This is a great way to break something. Ideally, move any fragile objects out of harm's way before the game begins.

Ask your guest of honor how they'd like to play the game, or try different variations at the same party. Allowing your child to have input on their special day is important; that way, they really feel like the day is theirs! Show them this game and ask them what they think. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can always return to it as a go-to party game.

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