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Party Goers Will Love This Mama Cat Game

Party Goers Will Love This Mama Cat Game

If you are having a cat themed birthday party or just want a fun game for kids to play, try out this mama cat game. It's a fun and engaging way to entertain your party guests. Additionally, you'll have fun watching the kids have a great time.

Mama Cat Game

When the guests arrive:

Step 1: Have the children sit in a circle.

Step 2: Choose the birthday girl to be the mama cat. Send her into another room.

Step 3: While the mama cat is out of the room, select three other guests to be her kittens.

Step 4: Have all the guests cover their mouths and call the mama cat back into the room.

Step 5: While keeping their mouths covered, the three kittens should start saying, ‘Meow, meow.’

Step 6: The mama cat must figure out who are her kittens. Once all three have been found, select another guest to be the mama cat and continue.

A large circle of kids and a little girl in the middle.
Your party guests will love playing the mama cat game.

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Try These Other Fun Cat Activities for Your Party

If you are having a cat themed birthday party, the mama cat game along with other cat activities are purrfect for the entertainment. Also, these games and activities are great for other birthday party themes. Another fun game you can play is the cat game. This is a game that involves teams. You will print out pictures of cartoon cats and real cats like lions and tigers. Each team will guess the name of the cat. The team with the most correct answers wins.

In addition to these cat games, you can print out free cat coloring pages and have a coloring station at the party. Kids can use crayons or markers to color as many pages as they'd like. You can even have kids color cartoon and real cats and use those coloring pages for the cat game.

Your child's birthday party is sure to be a fun and entertaining time with these games and activities. The kids will get to use their imaginations, work as teams, and get out lots of energy. Many fun memories are head!

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