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This Sand Bucket Toss is Great For Parties

This Sand Bucket Toss is Great For Parties

There's a good chance you already have some of these supplies on hand already! Even if you don't, the supply list for this game is so short that you'll barely notice the dent in your wallet. Head to your nearest Dollar Tree and pick up the items listed below, follow the instructions, and you'll be good to go in no time!

Sand Bucket Toss

Things you'll need:

A sand pail and shovel
3 small balls
Lots of small prizes

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Line the guests up, single file.

Step 2:  Put the pail several feet away from the first guest.

Step 3:  Have each guest try to get the balls into the pail, using the shovel to throw them. Award a prize each time someone gets a ball into the pail.

What Age is This Game Good For?

As long as a kid has gross motor skills and the ability to pick up and move a small shovel, they can play this game! If you're playing this game with smaller children, you'll have to place the pails closer than with older kids. Kids as young as three or four should be able to play this game, although three-year-olds may need extra help from adults.

This game is best for kids up to about six years old. After that age, this game is probably too simple! You can always make it harder by taking the shovel out of the equation, or by placing the pails very far away from the kids. Whenever prizes are on the table, many kids are interested even if they're getting on the older side. Even with added challenge, this game is likely not ideal for kids older than eight.

Kids older than eight might enjoy cornhole as a game that's similar to sand bucket toss. Cornhole is played by people of all ages, both adults and children! Split guests into teams and have them compete against one another for prizes. It'll be more expensive to set up, but a cornhole set can provide fun for more than just parties!

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