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Creature Charades is The Perfect Halloween Activity

Creature Charades is The Perfect Halloween Activity

Out of ideas for a children's Halloween party? This take on charades is the answer you've been looking for. Creature charades is a fun way for your child and their guests to get spooky! Let's check it out.

Creature Charades

Things you'll need:

A Pen or pencil
Slips of paper
A hat or bowl

Before guests arrive:

Step 1:  Write the name of something scary on each slip of paper.  Some suggestions:

Whomping willow
Death Eaters
Professor Snape

Step 2:  Put all the pieces of paper in the hat or bowl.

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Tell the children that a Boggart is a creature that becomes whatever a person fears most. Tell them you have a hat/bowl full of Boggarts that are going to try to scare them!

Step 2:  Explain that the only way to make the Boggart go away is to yell out the name of the scary thing, and then the magic word: ‘Riddikulus!’

Step 3:  Have each child select a piece of paper.  Tell them that they have to act out what’s on the paper, without talking.  The other children should try and guess what the scary thing/person is.

Step 4:  When someone guesses correctly, the Boggart “vanishes”, or goes back to their seat.  Then the next Boggart has a turn trying to frighten the guests.

Step 5:  You might want to give each Boggart a small prize when their turn is completed.

What Age is This Game Good For?

Charades is great for any child who is able to think constructively and move in an animated manner. Since this version of charades is intended to be on the spooky side, though, it isn't ideal for very young children. Children ages six and up should have a blast playing this game! Make sure to choose topics that are creepy or spooky, but that aren't over the top. Nobody will be having fun if they're too scared to do so!

The oldest age that will enjoy this game is around ten. Kids who are older than this will find the concept of being scared by charades silly, and will want to do something more age-appropriate. Instead, consider having a horror movie night or creating your own haunted house. These activities will surely delight older children!

Creature charades is a great way to entertain young kids during the Halloween season. It's an especially good game to play at night, when the creepy factor will be upped by the lack of sun outside! You can even dim the lights even further by using candles instead of regular lights, if you really want to set the mood. Have fun!

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