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This is the Best Pirate Charades You’ll Ever Play

This is the Best Pirate Charades You’ll Ever Play

Everyone knows about charades! Pretty much everyone has played a game or two at some point. Any time you're in need of something for your children to do, this is it. Follow the instructions here, and you'll have a fun party on your hands in no time.

Things you'll need:

Pens or markers
Paper bag, bowl or hat

Getting ready:

Step 1:  Write words that have to do with pirates on small pieces of paper.  Some suggestions; parrot, eye patch, wooden leg, treasure chest, Jack Sparrow, The Black Pearl, treasure map, sword fighting.

Step 2:  Put all the papers in the bag, hat or bowl.

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Choose one child to go first.  You may want to either start with the birthday boy, or draw straws.

Step 2:  Have the child pick a piece of paper.

Step 3:  Explain that they must act out the word anyway they’d like, but that they may NOT speak, at all.  Small children may need help thinking of ways to act out their word or phrase.

Step 4:  Give the other children two minutes to guess the word. The guest that guesses the word correctly gets to go next.

What Age is Good for Charades?

Charades has been around for many years. You probably have memories of playing charades as a child! In order to play charades, a child needs to be able to think constructively and move dynamically. They also need to be able to see a word and interpret it in terms of how to physically act like that thing.

Children as young as four can play charades. Keep it as simple as possible for kids at this age, and be ready to offer some help if needed. Once kids get to be a little older, they should be able to handle more complex words and act words out on their own.

Eventually, children will outgrow charades. Typically, charades is best for kids ten and under. Children who are older than ten will likely find charades too simple for their liking. If you want to play something similar, try Pictionary. That game is better for children who are on the older side, since it involves drawing rather than acting. Finding activities that are age-appropriate goes both ways; you want to pick something that isn't too challenging or too boring and simple.

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