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Kids Will Love This Create A Mummy Race

Kids Will Love This Create A Mummy Race

Create A Mummy Race

Things you'll need:

Four rolls of toilet paper

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Explain to the children that in order to pass their Defense Against the Dark Arts final, they must turn a Boggart into a mummy!  The team that wins will be awarded five house points.

Step 2:  Split the children into four even teams, one representing each Hogwarts house. 

Step 3:  Have each team pick on member to be the Boggart.

Step 4:  Give each team a roll of toilet paper.

Step 5:  To start the game, yell ‘Riddikulus!’  That is the signal for the children to start wrapping their Boggart in the toilet paper.

Step 6:  The team that finishes first, wins.

Does This Game Have to Be Harry Potter Themed?

Harry Potter is still a very popular book and movie series. Given its age, however, some kids in 2023 may not be familiar with it. Fortunately, this game can still be played without the Harry Potter theme! You can keep it simple and tell your guests that they need to race to see who can create a mummy the fastest, or you can use a different piece of media for inspiration.

If you want to introduce your guests to Harry Potter, you could have a movie showing before this game. Show them the first one or two films, depending on how much time you have, and then play this game to get everyone moving! This idea is best suited to overnight parties, so you'll have plenty of time to get everything done.

You can also ask your guest of honor how they'd like to play the game. They might have an idea that you never thought of! Including them in the planning will really help them feel like this is their special day. After all, why shouldn't a birthday party be all about the one whose birthday it is?

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