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This is the best place to find the most adorable and entertaining busy bags. They are easy to assemble and the printables are FREE in our Facebook Group if you are following us on Instagram and Pinterest. Otherwise, get them for super cheap in our shop. These learning activities are designed to teach endless skills. My son begs to play these games daily and it entertains him, literally, for hours.I made a bag for each of the activities to keep in the toy room.  My son can’t read the words yet so he peeks in all the bags and picks out the one he wants to play first. I use this. They are small and allow of lots of colors to fit into a little bag. Find all these printables at the bottom of the post! 


I used a silhouette portrait machine to cut out the words on a heat transfer sheet. Then ironed them to these little tote bags that I got from Oriental Trading (check out their education section for lots of fun products).  They turned out so stinkin' cute.  I made a bag for each of the activities to keep in the toy room.  My son can't read the words yet so he peeks in all the bags and picks out the one he wants to play first.

Also, on a side note, if you have kids between the ages of 4-7, I just found this offer for getting two of those fun Highlights Kid's Books for free (pay shipping and handling).


I designed these games to teach skills for molding shapes of familiar objects that they can visualize and then create.  Carrots, chocolate chips, apples on a tree, candles, legs on octopus, sand castle, burgers on a grill, worms, bubbles, pancakes, snowman face, glasses and mustache on a boy.  I designed two of the play doh mats on 1 page. Printer friendly and easy to fit in any bag or box.

If you want to get all of the printables you can purchase them here.

play doh busy bags

PLAY DOH GAMES BUSY BAG grill play doh


My son is three and knows all his letters and sounds but when playing this game, he read his VERY FIRST WORD! He picks out his “magic card” he calls it. Then finds the letters that are on the card, puts them in order and sounds out the word. It was so fun to see his little mind working so hard. And he did it! GET THE Scrabble PRINTABLES HERE: Scrabble Spelling Busy Bag

scrabble tile busy bag


These cards have pictures of animals. The object of this activity is to match the little animal figures to the card. Get the Animal free printables here.

animal matching game busy bag


Go shopping for some fresh fruit. This game comes with 5 different grocery lists and a shopping cart. Pick and list and put the correct amount of fruit into the basket. My boy loves to pretend to eat them after he finishes and spreads them out again on the table ready for another round.  This game teaches number recognition and counting. Again, I ask endless questions about colors, shapes, size, numbers, total number of fruit. You can find all of the cute little fruit here and the PRINTABLES here: Grocery Shopping Busy Bag.

grocery shopping busy bag grocery shopping busy bag


Color sorting bowls and animals are really fun. Sometimes I have him sort all the animals in the correct colored bowls and sometimes I will choose certain animals to go in each bowl. For example: Please sort the orange pigs and the blue bunnies in their matching bowl. When the animals are all mixed up on the table this gives a great challenge.  Also there is a printable for this color sorting game. The idea is to match the size of colored animal to the dots in the paper strip. It is really fun. Even with out a paper you can line up a pattern and have your child duplicate it.  The small dots represent small animals and the large dots for the larger animals.  There are endless possibilities for entertainment and learning with these colored animals. Get the printable here: Color Sorting Busy Bag Printables

sorting games busy bag


These adorable hamburgers are just too fun and cute for words. With this game, first start by picking out a pattern strip. Then, beginning from the bottom bun of the burger, build up, add each of the condiments and top with the other hamburger bun. They are really fun.  Get the printables here: Build a Burger Busy Bag Printables

burger sequence game busy bag Build a hamburger busy bag


These tracing games are fantastic learning activities for kids. Some ideas of questions to ask could be: Which number is the 2? Which letters are in your name? Which shape looks like an egg?  I laminate all of my activities with the laminator found here.  Get the printables here: Tracing Games Busy Bag

tracing busy bag


Sort these adorable fruits and veggies to their correct crate. Good luck teaching just where that yummy tomato belongs! Haha! Get the printables here: Farmer's Market Busy Bag Printables

farmers market busy bag - Free Printable!

If you plan on putting together most of these busy bags, I suggest getting the Learning Resources Super Sorting Set

If you want to get all of the printables you can purchase them here. Or you can get them free in our Facebook Group if you are following us on Instagram and Pinterest. 🙂 .   

 I hope you and your child absolutely love these busy bag learning games!  Make sure you pin this post for later, and share them with your friends and family!

best busy bags ever


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