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This Dough Boy or Girl Game is Perfect for a Party

This Dough Boy or Girl Game is Perfect for a Party

This is such a fun game for partygoers to play! Your guest of honor will definitely want to include this activity in their party. It's cheap to do, too, which is good news for you! Bookmark this page so that you can come back and check out the instructions for this game whenever you need.

Dough Boy or Girl

Things you'll need:

30 round, small balloons
2 adult sized sweatshirts
2 pair of adult sized sweatpants

Getting ready:

Step 1:  A few hours before the party, blow up the thirty balloons.  Do not do it earlier then a few hours before, or they’ll be deflated by the party time.

Step 2:  Place the sweats and the balloons in an area with some room for the guests to move around.

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Divide the guests into two even teams.

Step 2:  Tell each team to pick a dough boy/girl.

Step 3:  Have the dough boy/girl put on the sweats.  Give each team 15 balloons.

Step 4:  Yell ‘GO!’  Have each team shove as many balloons as possible into the dough boy/girl’s sweat pants and shirt.

Step 5:  After 30 seconds, the team with the most balloons in the sweats wins.  Popped balloons don’t count in the final tally.

This game is easily re-playable, assuming that most of the balloons don't pop! It might be worth keeping another pack of balloons around to replace popped ones, should your guests want to play multiple rounds. Invest in a hand-pump for the balloons so that you can quickly get them inflated to the right size.

When getting the clothes for this game, make sure to pick ones that will fit very loosely on the dough boy or girl, but not so much so that it will be a hazard. The child should still be able to move around without easily tripping and falling. If you can, aim to have the child get dressed in the dough boy/girl clothes once they're in position, to limit the amount of walking around they'll be doing.

Of course, make sure to supervise all participants to ensure everyone plays fairly and that nobody gets too rowdy. Set some ground rules for behavior, and make sure that all guests are clear on them. Be prepared for the possibility that arguments may break out, especially if someone makes a game-costing mistake.

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