Battle at Sea


Things you’ll need:

Two really big cardboard boxes, they need to hold several party guests at once
25-30 small soft balls (ping pong balls, or foam balls would work well)
Craft knife or scissors
Paint, markers for decorating the boxes


Before the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Make two ships out of the boxes, by cutting off one of the long, wide sides.

Step 2:  Decorate the box to look like a ship. 


When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Put the boxes about 10’-15’ apart.

Step 2:  Split the guests into two even crews.  Have the crews get into their ships.

Step 3:  Battles start one crew at a time.  Give the “missiles” (the balls) to one crew, so they can attack the other ship.

Step 4:  When you yell ‘FIRE!’ the crew with the missiles starts hurling them at the other guests.  They get a hit if a ball lands inside the other crew’s ship.  The crew that is being pelted can try and deflect the balls or catch them and toss them back, but they can’t remove balls that have landed in their ship and throw them back out.

Step 5:  When the crew doing the attacking is out of missiles, tally up the number that made it into the opposing teams ship.

Step 6:  Switch roles.  When the second team runs out of missiles, tally up the number again.  The team that scored the most hits wins.


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