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Partygoers Will Love Having This Battle at Sea

Partygoers Will Love Having This Battle at Sea

Have a bunch of rowdy party guests and unsure of what to do with them? Have a battle at sea! This fun party activity will get everyone moving. It's easy for kids of all ages to pick up, but we think it's best for kids six and up. By this age, kids are able to easily and quickly throw balls, hopefully with good accuracy!

When playing this game, be sure that all participants understand the rules and that any questions are addressed before the game begins. Instruct participants not to whip the balls at each other, to avoid injury! This game is truly a blast, and will have all of your partygoers whooping and hollering in no time!

The supplies required for this game are easy to find. The initial cost to get this game set up can be a bit pricey considering the cost of the balls, but once you have the balls on hand it's much cheaper to set up in the future. Let's take a look at what you need to buy and do to get this game going!

Battle at Sea

Things you'll need:

Two really big cardboard boxes, they need to hold several party guests at once
25-30 small soft balls (ping pong balls, or foam balls would work well)
Craft knife or scissors
Paint, markers for decorating the boxes

Before the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Make two ships out of the boxes, by cutting off one of the long, wide sides.

Step 2:  Decorate the box to look like a ship.

Step 3: Move any fragile objects out of the way, so that nothing is broken during the battle!

When you're ready to start:

Step 1:  Put the boxes about 10’-15’ apart.

Step 2:  Split the guests into two even crews.  Have the crews get into their ships.

Step 3:  Battles start one crew at a time. Give the “missiles” (the balls) to one crew, so they can attack the other ship.

Step 4:  When you yell ‘FIRE!’ the crew with the missiles starts hurling them at the other guests.  They get a hit if a ball lands inside the other crew’s ship.  The crew that is being pelted can try and deflect the balls or catch them and toss them back, but they can’t remove balls that have landed in their ship and throw them back out.

Step 5:  When the crew doing the attacking is out of missiles, tally up the number that made it into the opposing teams ship.

Step 6:  Switch roles. When the second team runs out of missiles, tally up the number again. The team that scored the most hits wins.

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