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You Need to Check Out This You’re Extinct Game

You Need to Check Out This You’re Extinct Game

This is a fun game inspired by musical chairs. It's a fun spin on the classic game that everyone will love. It will get the kids moving, allowing them to use up all that energy they have! This game is a must-consider when it comes to planning your child's party. Let's get into it.

You're Extinct!

Things You'll Need:

Large box, an appliance sized box is best
A device that can play music
Paint and markers to decorate the box

Getting ready:

Step 1:  Cut the ends of the box open, and tape or glue the flaps to the top of the box.

Step 2:  Decorate the box to look like a cave. You can paint it a solid color, glue on pictures of dinosaurs, draw pictures of plants, whatever strikes your fancy. Have the birthday child help you a few days before the party.

Step 3:  Set your music source up nearby.

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Have the guest line up at the front of the cave. 

Step 2:  Start the music, and have the first child go through the cave and out the other side.

Step 3:  Have the next child follow. Continue, having each child go through.

Step 4:  When the music stops, any child still in the cave is “extinct.”

Step 5:  The last guest who isn’t extinct is the winner.

How Many Activities Should My Child's Party Have?

One of the questions that crosses a party planner's mind is how many activities they should include in their child's party. If you have a lot of options that you love, you might be tempted to include them all! It's important to not over-do it when it comes to including activities in your child's party. Not only will you run out of time, but your guests will end up too tired to enjoy the end of the party.

How many activities you include is highly dependent on how long the party is. For a two-hour party, consider no more than two activities. That will leave time for cake and gifts. If you're planning a longer party or an overnight party, three or four activities should be enough. Your guests will also want to spend time talking to each other, too!

Planning things out is important, but over-planning is something that you want to avoid. Keep it as simple and fun as you can, and include your guest of honor in the planning process. It's important to make sure they're interested in any activities you'll be including. Nobody wants a bored guest of honor!

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