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This Flamingo Contest is Perfect For Your Child’s Birthday Party

This Flamingo Contest is Perfect For Your Child’s Birthday Party


Flamingo Contest

When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Split the children into two even teams.

Step 2:  Have each team pick on child to be the flamingo.

Step 3:  The two flamingos then have to stand on one leg and try to keep their balance.

Step 4:  The non-flamingos try their best to make the flamingo on the opposing team fall over, doing anything but touching the flamingo in any way.  They may make funny faces, dance around, fall over themselves, etc.

Step 5:  The flamingo that stays up the longest gets a point for his/her team.

Step 6:  Continue playing until each child has had a chance to be the flamingo. The team with the most points at the end wins.

How Many Activities Should My Party Have?

Trying to plan an itinerary for your child's birthday party can get stressful. You want to plan enough so that your guests don't get bored, but you don't want to overwhelm everyone with too many things to do. Always remember that you need to leave time for cake and gifts, as well as time for everyone to arrive and leave. Generally, a two-hour party has time for one to two activities. With something like this Flamingo Contest, since it's so re-playable it can work as the only game you do during a party.

Have a couple of backup ideas in case circumstances change. For example, if you plan on doing the Flamingo Contest outdoors, have a backup activity in mind in case of inclement weather. Alternatively, have another game to try if it becomes clear that guests aren't enjoying themselves.

If you're hosting a long or overnight party, having three or four activities is likely going to be fine. Ultimately, the goal is to balance fun and time. Packing too much into one party means you'll have to rush through everything, and guests will be left too tired to enjoy the gift-opening and end of the party. Don't make it too complicated, and make sure to include your guest of honor in the planning process!

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